Planetary Weather February 22-29

Although the final days of February bring a culmination of a new lunar cycle that began two weeks ago, for the most part, the sky is quiet.

The overall theme of the week is the balance between the mundane and the divine.

22- 29 February

Tuesday brings a Virgo Full Moon which highlights the polarities between your souls dreams and the practicality of bills needing to be paid. The Virgo Moon expects details, efficiency and accuracy where the Sun in Pisces demands you bask in your souls’ yearnings.
A Full Moon emphasises the to-ing and fro-ing of one extreme of the zodiacal axis to the other. Like a sea saw, you may experience bouts of being super organised, efficient and disciplined and on the other hand, dreamy, escapist and vague.
The Sun is super close to Neptune under this lunation adding an extra dose of celestial inspiration. If the mundane necessities of life have sapped your soul, the Full Moon presents an opportunity to immerse yourself in something that inspires and invigorates you. On the other hand, if you’ve been neglecting important details or procrastinating about ticking off your to-do list, the Full Moon is your cosmic calling to pull your socks up!

With the Sun in Pisces co-joining Neptune this week, escapism and retreat will be a major theme. A temporary ‘check out’ with a good book, a film or some time by the ocean is a fantastic way to honour the King of our Solar System and the God of the ocean. Allow yourself to daydream, then hatch a plan to manifest your soul goals.
How would you like to express yourself in a soulful, spiritual or more inspired way?
The Sun/Neptune will join at 9 degrees Pisces on February 29

Mercury and Saturn will form a supportive sextile on Thursday, bringing a sense of structure to ideas that may have evolved under the Full Moon. This aspect lacks the dreamy imaginative quality that permeates the week, but Mercury and Saturn together will bring form to your thoughts. Creative visions and inspired ideas can manifest under the support and discipline Saturn offers.

Saturday brings another harmonious link when Mercury sextiles Uranus. An unexpected piece of news, a radical or original idea or a light bulb moment can happen under this planetary combination. Sharing of thoughts or ideas, especially if they err on the side of unconventional or unusual may be well received.

The Moon reaches her fullest on Tuesday February 23 at 4 degrees Virgo, 4:19am, Brisbane time.

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