Planetary Weather 8 – 14 February

All the classical bodies (except the luminaries) are currently visible as morning stars. If you have the right type of telescope, even Pluto can be seen in this morning glory.
As an occidental line up, these morning stars have a new or fresh experience about them. They hold the promise of a new day, naive yet eager, they dangle and twinkle with an impetus for action. If you don’t get the opportunity to see this spectacular over the next couple of weeks, the encore performance returns in August, albeit an evening star celestial show.

New Moon in Aquarius


To compliment this sense of new beginnings, a new lunar cycle begins on the 9th (AEST) in Aquarius. In the Zodiac, Saturn is the only planet to rule two signs concurrently, Capricorn and Aquarius. In the former, the rules are set in concrete, the boundaries immoveable. However, in the sign of the water bearer, we emerge from the black and white and experience shades of grey. Capricorn follows rules, Aquarius questions them, and when he sees fit, breaks them. Aquarius wants to discover how far the boundaries can be pushed without necessarily breaking existing structures. How can we be express our individuality but remain part of the collective?
The New Moon in Aquarius encourages us to look at our authentic and individual selves and seek those who are like minded. Independence and freedom are highlighted under the free spirited influence of Aquarius. Where do I fit in? Who are my people?
The New Moon ruler is Saturn, currently in truth seeking Sagittarius. An open minded approach to new experiences is encouraged now, with a strong emphasis on acting upon what is true, or what you believe to be truth to you.
Mars makes an exact square aspect to the luminaries. You may have to put your money where you mouth is in respect to the above mentioned beliefs. Avoid knee jerk reactions if you feel your temper flare, or your hand forced.

Mars’ square to the Sun continues Monday. You can read more about this here

With A Little Help From My Friends

Venus and Mars’ are in support of each other this week. Relationships may offer a safe haven from the battle of everyday life. That feeling of being on the same page as your significant other will help energise you both.
A particular area of life that has felt like a battle field may receive good news, a welcome break, a reward or windfall.

Venus will make links to expansive Jupiter and the North Node this week. Over stretching yourself is easily done under this planetary pile up. While the virtue of generosity is always favoured, if you don’t have the ways or means, then you’re not really helping anyone. Conversely, generosity without true meaning or purpose can easily be taken advantage of. Jupiter in Virgo asks for acts of generosity and service that are practical and useful. Before you give someone something they may want or need, consider the old proverb ‘give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, he’ll eat for a lifetime.’

Although losing its planetary oomph as the week progresses, a friendly link between Mercury and the North Node aids positive news. Recent connections or conversations may reveal themselves to be a key to opening new doors for the future.

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