Planetary Weather 28-31 December

Just as the Moon reached its culmination last week and is now waning, so is 2015. Slowing down, reflecting on what has been and planning what is to come fills our thoughts. So it is no surprise that Mercury is involved in this weeks major aspects.

Mercury trine North Node- 25 degrees Capricorn, Virgo
Monday 28 December

With the New Year just around the corner, thoughts and plans turn to the future. Todays astro weather supports future planning with a supportive link between Mercury and the North Node. Some new information may shed some light on 2016’s direction, especially if you’ve been unsure whether stay where you are or embark upon a new path. With the Earth element in play, remember that prior planning prevents poor performance.

Mercury square Mars- 25-27 degrees Capricorn, Libra
27-31 December

This aspect in play all week could bring about some tension around communication, particularly in relationships. Disagreements, arguments and fighting words may cause extra stress. You may have to defend an idea or plan, or someone else may push theirs onto you.
With warrior planet Mars in play nice Libra, speaking up for fear of offending or not wanting to rock the boat may keep you from voicing your ideas. Mars in Libra can be hard to work with as it is not easy being direct and keeping the peace at the same time. This tension causing square may eventually cause enough friction to speak your mind. A good argument can clear the air and reduce stress and irritability that holding your thoughts back can cause.

Jupiter makes a superior trine to Mercury suggesting that even if events do blow up, when the dust settles, the outcome will be positive. Pay attention to the details but keep the big picture in mind as well!

Venus in Sagittarius
31 December-23 January

After her annual sojourn into the murky depths of Scorpio, Venus takes a light hearted dance through Sagittarius. In Sadge, Venus wishes to seek adventure through travel, learning and through inspired interactions with others. With Saturn also in Sagittarius, Venus may be less flippant and free, preferring experiences that have practical meaning in a tangible and useful way.

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