Planetary Weather- 23 – 30 May

The heavens are a little quiet this week, here are the major weather influences and I’ll pop more up on the blog as the week progresses!

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Tuesday sees Venus leave her home sign of Taurus and enter busy, curious and flirty Gemini. Her entrance into the sign of the twins will shift the pleasure principle from the physical realm to the cerebral. Venus in Taurus prefers quality whereas variety is the spice of life in Gemini.
Until June 17, conversational connections, meeting up with like minded friends and more time on social media may hallmark the month.

Though Venus does experience a reduction in comfort in Gemini, she does receive some additional support from Mercury, who will be in Taurus for nearly the entire duration of Venus’ stay in Gemini. This exchange of signs (Mercury in Venus’ sign and Venus in Mercury’s sign) is known as reception. Mercury has what Venus likes and vice versa, kind of like sharing resources, which helps boost each planet into a slightly better position.

During the next 3 weeks you can expect changeability in regard to your financial situation as well as relationships. The opportunity cost of your leisure time will also be a key influence. You may find yourself ‘weighing things up’ a lot more as opposed to spending time or money for the pure pleasure of it. Ask yourself, “is this what I really want?”

This new change of sign for sweet Venus begins with a challenging aspect from Mars. This is likely to continue the themes from the weekends’ full moon or re-hash lingering relationship issues. Is your special someone road blocking your progress or is it the way you think about things really the culprit?
Though tensions will be a little higher now, this planetary aspect shows that give and take, seeing anothers’ point of view and compromise will keep all parties happy.

Friday sees Mars dip back into his most deep, profound and introspective placement of Scorpio. This will coincide with a temporary reduction of temperature in one area of life and an increase in another. Progress and action won’t necessarily pick up a great deal but your ability to strategise and plan will increase threefold. Execution on an important plan isn’t likely until late June.
For me, Mars will back track into my 6th house. Currently, I’m starting to look at ways I can tighten up my schedule and make my time more productive. The 6th house also governs illness/health and well-being- so I’m planning to improve my diet and make more time for exercise than I’m currently doing!

Do you have any plans on the back burner at the moment? If you know the house that Scorpio rules in your birth chart, this is the key area where you can expect a shift in focus, drive and energy.

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