Planetary Weather 16-22 May

After the brilliant meeting of the Moon and Jupiter over the weekend, this week is relatively quite aspect- wise. Four planets still in retrograde, coupled with Jupiter stuck at 13 degrees for the rest of May, this is the last week to enjoy a slow and steady pace as the planetary party begins to shift into the sign of Gemini.

Venus trine the North Node 19 degrees Taurus/Virgo

Practical developments are promised under this supportive earth trine. Collaborations or partnerships that have had a stop start tone to them gain a bit of traction now. Mercury is still retrograde and set to join the North Node later in the month suggesting that diaries may not align just yet. Get the ball rolling now for future developments down the track. Pencil in meetings, appointments or catch ups. This is a ‘not what you know but who you know’ type of planetary mix and someone else may hold the key to help you unlock your future.

Sun into Gemini
Mercury Station Direct 14 degrees Taurus

The current steady as she goes pace with the planetary conga line in Taurus comes to an end as the Sun begins his annual sojourn through Gemini. Curiosity, restlessness, information and general movement are hallmarks of Gemini.
Acquiring ideas, asking questions and connecting the dots will dominate the tone of the next month. Being a double bodied sign, the dual nature of Gemini may lead you to changing your mind or perhaps having to choose one option over another.
With the Sun’s transit through a new sign, a new house of your birth chart will be highlighted for the next 4 weeks. For me, the Sun’s entrance into Gemini brings him into my first house. I’m looking forward to emerging from the private and shadowy 12th house space and moving into a more dynamic, vital and focussed area of my chart. I expect my personal energy will increase so I can return to my buoyant and exuberant self again!
Do you know where the Sun lights up your chart for the next month? If so, add your thoughts or ideas about it in the comments below

Full Moon in Sagittarius- 2 degrees

This Full Moon is smack bang on Mars! You can expect emotions to run high and tempers may flare. With the red planet retrograde you may desire a fast pace but progress is painfully slow. Instead of getting hot under the collar, go cool off, take a deep breath or step away from situation temporarily. Mercury marking time suggests that there is more information to come.

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