Planetary Weather 15- 21 February

The week is full of shifts and changes as three inner planets, the Sun, Mercury and Venus all change signs.

Mercury In Aquarius

Typical of speedy Mercury, he is the first cab off the rank and he’ll plunge back into Aquarius by the time you’ve had your first sip of Sunday morning coffee. (8:33am Brisbane time). Last time Mercury reached zero degrees in the water bearer’s domain, it signalled the beginning of his reverse passage. Mercury’s re-visit to this zodiacal area is his official announcement that he is out of his post retrograde shadow. Issues, hiccups or delays that have been on hold since the turn of the new year should begin to resolve themselves now.

Under Aquarius’ influence, we expect free and original thinking, with the urge to establish unique connections with others. Sharing ideals with like minded friends and associates is also highlighted during this transit. You may find yourself spending an increased amount of time on social media or becoming more actively involved with issues that concern you.
Saturn is the ruler of Aquarius and is now in the centaur’s sign. Sagittarius and Aquarius are similar in respect to being associated with themes of truth, which will heighten during Mercury’s passage over the next 3 weeks. Mercury however, finds his detriment in the sign of the half man half beast, so it would also be wise to hold your tongue where necessary.
Mercury in Aquarius until March 5.

Venus In Aquarius

Venus is the next planet to enter Saturn’s second sign. Venus seeks to relate on a mental plane in Aquarius. Comfort and pleasure are found in the exchanging of ideas, theories and fantasies with loved ones. If ‘real talk’ is lacking in your relationship, you may feel inspired to connect with your partner or special someone. Mind stimulation and the stirring of ones thoughts become more important during Venus’ time in Aquarius.
You might feel an increased need to be on the same page as your partner or your closest friendships during the next 4 weeks, as Aquarius seeks an open minded and an all-encompassing view of life and relationships. Venus in Aquarius until March 12.

Sun In Pisces

The 19th officially heralds the beginning of Pisces season for 2016. You may not be a Pisces or even have any planets in the sign of the fishes, but you will have a house in your birth chart that the sign of Pisces governs, and a sign that Jupiter lives.
Pisces can be confusing and nebulous, baffling those around them with their ever changeable nature. Being both the element of water and mutable in nature, Pisces is the most fluctuating sign of the zodiac. Unless there are mitigating factors, Pisces can be hard to pin down or make commitments with, preferring to be open to the ebb and flow of life and keeping their options open. This flexibility can be a breath of fresh air when spontaneity and fun are called for, but can be perceived flaky and unreliable when firm plans are required. The ethereal Pisces love to enjoy life and even more so, love to see others enjoy life too!

Happy Birthday Pisces!

Can you strongly identify as being a Pisces? Perhaps none of the typical Pisces associations don’t seem to apply to you much at all? Do you know of any chart factors that may be shifting the influence away from the usual Pisces themes? Sun in Pisces until March March 20.

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