Planetary Weather 1-7 February

Projects and plans that have been on hold or difficult to get off the ground, start to gain momentum after the false start feeling that was January. The week offers smooth and supportive planetary angles that will help you pick up from where an uncooperative January left off.

Mercury is now direct and picking up speed, assisting in making Mercurial issues such as communication and travel, confusion free. Plans that were only once considered, now present themselves as viable options. Issues that you may have been skirting around, to or fro-ing about or required further negotiation, get at the least, an amber light that will turn green by the 14th.

After the weekends pleasant social vibe that was the Moon in Libra, the new week brings a darker, deeper and more intense feeling with the Moon slipping into Scorpio Sunday evening. Mars in his home sign alongside the Moon may bring about dark, brooding moods or emotional aggravation or irritability. If you begin to feel a bit hot under the collar, some time in isolation or retreat will help clear the mind and reset your focus.
Scorpio needs time to dwell on things, and at its best will deliver razor sharp honesty, which may ruffle feathers initially but, is ultimately quite healing.

Wednesday and Thursday
Sun sextile Saturn

This supportive link will help you maintain the required discipline to complete an important task. A helpful influence from an older person, or someone of authority will be appreciative of you and you can expect recognition for your hard work. Under Saturn’s influence, maturity and focus toward the application of long term goals is offered for the first time this year.
If you’ve been erring on the side of ambivalence to what is important to you, this Sun- Saturn will be a gentle reminder to get back on track!

Thursday and Friday
Venus sextile Mars

When celestial lovers Venus and Mars share a loving glance from across the Zodiac, you can be rest assured this is a positive outcome for love and relating. Mars is extra strong in Scorpio and Venus isn’t too badly placed in Capricorn, in her triplicity.
Under this aspect, your values and personal stamina align, bringing a sense that you’re heading in the right direction. You may employ a strategic plan or make a connection with someone who can help you get what you want.

Sun square Mars

This dynamic aspect is set to cause some friction in your day. Two hot planets, in fixed or solid signs, making a difficult angle to each other is set to cause some irritation. Mars in Scorpio is not only in his home sign but also tenanting the superior position in square, so it is he and not the Sun holding all the cards.
Don’t expect a go with the flow vibe today or that negotiations go smoothly.

Sun sextile Uranus

Just in time for the weekend, unique Uranus links to the Sun. Exploring your creative spark or connecting with like minded people will renew your sense of self under this friendly aspect.
Under Uranus’ influence, you may also choose to explore your personal authenticity as your desire for freedom and independence heightens.

Venus conjunct Pluto

This planetary pairing can flush out the truth of your desires. You may find yourself feeling increasingly dissatisfied with mediocrity within your relationship or financial status. If you can feel the first rumbles of tectonic plates shifting within your life, you may need to release something before fruitful and abundant new growth can emerge.

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