Pisces Lunar Eclipse

Early Saturday morning there will be a prenumberal eclipse at 24 degrees of Pisces.
This eclipse is classified as prenumberal because although it’s in close enough vicinity to the Nodes to be an Eclipse, unlike the total Solar Eclipse back on March 8, there will not be a complete shadow.

Full Moons represent a turning point in the monthly Moon cycle. At the very moment she reaches her culmination, she begins to lose light and strength until she has no light left of her own. By the Balsamic or Dark Moon phase, which will occur again in a couple of weeks, the Moon becomes like a smart phone on 5% battery, desperately needing to be recharged.

As a South Node Eclipse, this Full Moon amplifies the symbolism of loss, letting go or the feeling that you need to be recharged in some way. It may be an emotion or feeling that weighs you down, like an anchor in the midst of the vast oceans that Pisces finds itself. It may be the toxins you consume, the people in your sphere, the situations you’re in, or emotions and feelings you cling to that need releasing.

This Eclipse occurs in the final few degrees of the Zodiac, amplifying the sense of ending and release before a new beginning. This section of the Zodiac has been likened to agony and ecstasy. Describing the heights of pleasure when you’re with the one you love, and the excruciating pain of loss or betrayal, whether that be of your beloved, a passion or an ideal. As Pisces revels in the depths of permeable boundaries, at the opposite end of the spectrum, the Sun in Virgo shines light on discernment and caution. During the upcoming days or even weeks, you too may permeate between the boundaries and the boundary-less.


The Eclipse ruler, Jupiter, has recently moved into Libra. Being a sign closely associated with relationships, this Eclipse will, one way or another, attempt to bring back a sense of harmony and balance. The temperance and cohesion offered by Jupiter in Libra may help you gain a new perspective in a troubling situation.

Mars makes a challenging square aspect to both the Sun and Moon during this Eclipse. You may need to defiantly charge ahead toward the deepest desires of your heart, even if it means making a choice about who walks that path with you, or even the path itself which you choose to walk.

Eclipse Times

Brisbane: Saturday 17 September 5:05am
Christchurch: Saturday 17 September 7:05am
Singapore: Saturday 17 September 3:05am
New York: Friday 16 September 3:05pm
London: Friday 16 September 8:05pm

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