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Happy Solstice

he Solstice is an ancient tradition and an important solar celebration as it mark the Sun’s turning points, both the low point and the high. They also represent boundaries and turning points in life direction.
Not only is the Solstice a celebration of light, but the absence of darkness. Celebrating light, is also celebrating growth, abundance and joy.

Astro Weather

It’s the darkest of dark Moons this week as she enters the balsamic phase in the sign of Scorpio, before Friday’s New Moon.
This is a wind down phase where you may find your attention is drawn inwards and you’re less inclined to be overly social or energetic. With the added flavour of Scorpio’s depth and darkness, emotions may be stirred and feelings of release and letting go hard to ignore. This Moon may bring into light feelings you have buried or chosen to ignore.

November Horoscopes

Relationship planet Venus moves into your 7th sector on the 8th. Your personal planet Mars will join her on the 13th and will spend the remainder of 2015 adding passion and fire to relationship matters.

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