October Highlights + Progress + Momentum

The month of October provides a brief hiatus from some of the more tension inducing skies we’ve seen for most of the year.

Thus, the promise of progress and momentum can help you move head into the trickiest month – but more on that in November!

One event that is particularly rare is that a total of four planets will station direct during October.

  • 6th Pluto –at 24 Capricorn
  • 11th Saturn –at 6 Aquarius
  • 18th Mercury and Jupiter – at 10 Libra and 22 Aquarius respectively

There are lots of nuances to the meaning of retrograde planets. I personally adopt much of what comes from Indian traditions and what actually happens observationally in the sky.

Firstly, the observational. When a planet retrogrades, it orbits closer to Earth. As the planet draws closer, its significations become more obvious. Indian astrology refers to the planets as “grahas” or grabbers, so they latterly grab our attention.

When something grabs our attention, we need to focus in on it and reflect on that planet’s energy in our own lives.

So, this October, you may discover that your period of reflection and contemplation is over. Those area’s of your life that have felt slow or stuck may begin to pick up the pace again. Like the planets themselves, you’ll be ready to move forward in some way. This will be especially obvious if Mercury, Jupiter or Saturn is your current profected time lord.

Another feature of October is the rebirth of Mars at the heart of the Sun, known as Cazimi, which occurs at 15 Libra on the 7th and on the 8th in Australia.

The fusion of the Sun and Mars happens just once every two years. This potent pairing may inspire new goals in the Libra House of your birth chart. That said, it may take some time to really gain traction on the choices you make. When Mars makes its appearance, known as phasis, around mid – November, the action you begin early this month will start to pack a punch!

The Sun nor Mars are particularly comfortable in the sign of Libra. In my Golden Circle Club, I mentioned that we could anticipate the fall of “solar figures” such as politicians, leaders, athletes, celebrities or other high-profile types. In the past few days, we have had the Premier (the Aussie counterpart for a Governor) and her deputy resign. A third state politician from New South Wales also resigned from State Parliament and switched to Federal.
All this happening under the enduring Mercury station retrograde square Pluto aspect and corruption in government becomes unearthed!

October features two Mars infused lunations.

The Libra New Moon at 13 degrees on the 6th happens in close conjunction with Mars. There may be less compromise and more assertiveness under a usually collaborative lunation. You may be inclined to put your desires first, even if you’re still figuring out what they are with Mercury retrograde Libra.
Tempers could flare or resentment may rise, especially if you’ve been suppressing your desires for too long. Go your own way and seek equilibrium after the dust settles.

The Aries Full Moon at 27 degrees on the 20th / 21st may help you see both sides of a situation. With lunation ruler, Mars, still in Aries, the compromise that wasn’t available under the New Moon may be possible. Rise above any petty nuances and remain focused on your larger-scale couple goals. Define your core beliefs and values on which to base any choices upon.

Mars will eventually move into its home sign of Scorpio on the 30th / 31st which will set the tone for December and 2021’s ongoing square between Saturn and Uranus.

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