November Horoscopes


Relationship planet Venus moves into your 7th sector on the 8th. Your personal planet Mars will join her on the 13th and will spend the remainder of 2015 adding passion and fire to relationship matters.

The New Moon in your 8th house will help bring a fresh perspective to financial matters, especially involving what you owe. If you are looking at paying off some debt or borrowing money, conversations had on or after the 12th will help you gain clarity on where you stand. Mars will spend an extended period in this sector in 2016, so even if you are not in a position to act right now, set your financial intentions in order to prepare for some movement regarding debt and investment next year.

With lovers Venus and Mars in tango in your relationship house, November will be about achieving a balance between your needs and those of your partner or most significant relationship (business or personal). Granted, your energy is best invested in others now, but be sure to take a some time out to restoke your own personal energy reserves too!

A Mercury/Saturn link on the 23-25th will be beneficial to discuss potential new progress and redraw new boundaries. This planetary pairing will help ground you by scaling things back a notch. This slower vibe will be helpful in expressing your thoughts clearly and succinctly, especially with act first- think later Mars. Your personal energy may feel a little more depleted now so this is an ideal couple of days for some personal time out.

Hiccups or roadblocks can more easily managed by slowing down and thinking things through first.

Venus and Uranus opposing at the same time suggest an exciting and unexpected plot twist so don’t expect to be slowing down for too long!!


Life is about to get super busy for you as both Venus your patron planet, and Mars enter your sixth house this month. This area of your solar chart also highlights your health and well-being so taking care of your body, mind and spirit is important now. This isn’t the time to skimp on the things that nourish and sustain you, especially once Venus enters Libra on the 8th.

Mars will enter your busy zone on the 12th and will set a punishing pace, placing further importance on taking care of yourself along the way. You may be a bit of a wind up solider now accepting extra shifts at work or offering help to friends or family in need. Although it may feel like ground hog day now, your efforts will be rewarded, especially with Saturns 2.5 year visit in your long term financial sector. The little things you do now will have an impact on the long term goal, even though it may not feel like you are making any inroads at the moment.

The New Moon on the 12th promises some additional security in romance or finance thanks to a supportive link between your ruler Venus and stabilising Saturn. Someone older, who is a role model or mentor to you will assist you in a long term objective. The New Moon is about a fresh start and with Mercury super close, new insights and ideas are possible in regard to someone or something that is important.


The focus has been firmly on home and family for the last couple of months with a planetary pile up of Jupiter, Mars and Venus . Venus moves out on the 8th and Mars on the 12th heralding some play time for you once the domestic scene begins to quieten down.

The New Moon is extra potent for you as Mercury joins the Sun and Moon at the beginning of their monthly tango. In combination with support from Jupiter, you can make more efficient use of your leisure time. Wipe the slate clean by de-cluttering your personal space, reorganise your schedule and omit unnecessary commitments. With new openings in your diary you can reconnect with the hobbies and creative outlets you’ve been longing to do but haven’t had the time. Arrange a catch up with that friend you keep meaning to call. Watch a movie, drink some wine and have a little fun this November!

Mercury, your ruling planet snuggles up to Saturn on the 23-25th adding a carefree and cheeky vibe to an otherwise oh-so-serious relationship situation. Have some fun together and be reminded of what it means to laugh with each other. By lightening the mood it will be easier to broach other love matters that are less than frivolous and carefree.


You’ll enjoy the best of both worlds this month as the New Moon promises a busy period of socialising and creativity. Then, once the moon moves from new to full and begins to lose light, you will also reflect this phase by slowing down and retreating back into your shell for a while.

Your social sector gets a boost on the 12th when the New Moon coupled with Mercury initiates a cycle of fun! Splurge on those you love or some of your favourite hobbies and creative outlets. Obstacles and challenges that hindered your creative expression are less of a problem now and the meeting of the Sun and the Moon represent a new phase of artistic impetus.

November’s Full Moon on the 26th reminds you of the value of escape and some personal time out. Your energy may be lower than usual around this Full Moon so eliminating non essential tasks will be beneficial in freeing up time for soul nourishment.

Rest and retreat into a good book or jot down some of your souls thoughts in a special dream journal. Dreams and your inner world are highlighted. You may expand upon and esoteric knowledge or study as the appeal to the energetic realm is increased. A day trip to the beach to soak in the ocean will also work wonders and revive your creativity.


Home is where the heart is and the Sun, your ruling star is firmly placed in your domestic sector until the 22nd. Apart from non negotiable commitments, your focus is firmly on your home zone. Where possible, leave the office on time and spend quality moments at home with the family. Even if you’re single or live alone, you may feel less inclined to want to dig a little deeper at work, preferring instead to be in your own digs!

The New Moon on the 12th also puts the spotlight on your home scene. You may want to use your creative and flamboyant edge to add some luxurious touches to your home or show it off to friends or neighbours under Mercury’s social influence. Thanks to lucky Jupiter’s expanding vibe in your money sector, chances are you have a little spare cash to splash. In discerning Virgo you may wish to research some investment opportunities, seek some assistance in financial planning, create a budget or streamline non-essential expenditure. Whether you choose to spend or save, it’s about quality not quantity now.

Your ruler will encounter his annual meeting with sombre Saturn at the end of the month- the first time in a new sign since 2011. Happening in a like minded fire sign will be a welcome relief. Where you once felt extreme inertia now feels like the wheels are slowly beginning to turn again.


The giddiness of an action packed first house begins to ease once Venus moves on the 8th, then Mars on the 12th into your personal finance sector. Your ability and energy toward attracting money is high right now and with Mars’ presence until the end of the year, you can make inroads towards saving some cash! You are in a prime position to network and make connections that will help you financially. The reward may not manifest now, but the opportunity will present again in the later half of 2016. Ground work done now will pay off.

The New Moon on the 12th in your study sector indicates this may be where you’d like to put some extra resources to further pursue areas of interest- personally or professionally. Taking a short course, attending lectures or seminars will help put you in prime position to propel you toward your most desired direction. With your ruler Mercury together with Saturn, something that may initially begin just as an idea or intention under the New Moon may gain permanency under Saturn’s stabilising influence.

What you begin under this New Moon may feel as though it has a karmic or fated feel to it as the North Node moves into your sign- not seen in 18 years. You may find what you begin under this New Moon will gradually pave the way for a new life direction.

The Full Moon on the 26th will illuminate your career and public image zone, a peak period that will get you noticed for your efforts at work.


November heralds the start of a brand new and exciting cycle with your planetary patron, Venus moving into your sign on the 8th followed swiftly by Mars on the 12th. As your friends and colleagues may be looking to wind down the year, you’re more driven and energetic than usual. This energy comes only once every 2 years and is in play until January 3. During this time, you’ll feel more brave and courageous making choices that are less people pleasing or go- with- the- flow than normal. You may have to make some tough decisions during this time or break away from something that is sapping your personal power.

Venus influence in your own sign until December 4 will heighten your warmth and attractiveness, helping your garner more money, luxury, affection and support. This really is a fresh, active new energy for you especially as Venus joins the North Node on the 9th. Take note of good fortune especially in love or money from the 8th-11th.

The New Moon on the 12th will also help you break away from what no longer supports you as the Karmic North Node moves out of your sign, not to return for 18 years. Authentic personal choices that may have been difficult to make will feel much easier now.


Love planet Venus in your spiritual sector from the 8th will change the tone of your relationships. Scorpios like to delve into what makes their partner tick and with Venus’ influence, you’ll be keen to reset the pulse of the way you connect with your partner. If you’re not spoken for, you will make new connections or deepen existing ones with those who share similar interests as your own.

Mars also dips into this area of your solar chart suggesting that the remainder of 2015 will have more of a wind down rather than a wind up quality to it. You may like to dabble in some meditation or yoga as you find your personal energy is lower than normal. You’ll be productive in private and feel driven to act in a way in accordance to your beliefs.

If you’re not one for meditation or ‘spiritual stuff’ Saturn’s boundaries upon you have recently loosened. Challenges and obstacles are less of a problem now and with Mars’ once in every 2 year visit into your private sector, a sea change or planning behind the scenes is likely as you prepare to begin 2016 in a completely new way.


Saturns ingress into your own sign recently will help you get crystal clear about your boundaries and priorities over the next 2.5 years. You’ll do away with things you thought you couldn’t be without and welcome things you thought you would never have. For now, it all feels uphill with no plateau in sight. Even Jupiter, your own sign is keeping the frantic pace on the work front!

2015 has been a super busy and productive year with much achieved in the world at large. You’ve had little R&R to recharge your soul batteries. The New Moon coupled with Mercury in your private sector on the 12th provides some relief. Be aware of extra intuitive feelings or dreams now. Free up some of your minds space by jotting down your dreams and emotions. Once you tap into your quiet energy, you’ll feel your sixth sense heightening and encounters that appear random on the surface, have a greater meaning in the grand scheme of things.

On the 17th a connection from Neptune may leave you feeling hazy, lazy and overwhelmed. This is an ongoing aspect that will happen twice again next year. Long held dreams can manifest under Saturns hard working practical influence. The pace may be slow and the path confusing but you can get there by taking just one step at a time and keeping the faith.


Despite a frantic pace in your work zone this November there is a greater undercurrent taking place behind the scenes.

Recently Saturn, your planetary ruler slipped into your private sector- a once in every 29 year cycle. This is a 2.5 year period where you will set boundaries and gain clarity around your personal limits. As you gain a greater understanding and improved relationship with your inner self, you’ll do away with what no longer serves you at an authentic level. Creating better structures around your physical and metaphysical worlds will leave you feeling empowered. Tidy up loose ends by fixing them or by throwing them away- friends, family ties, a job… This is all part of a longer term, new and improved YOU cycle.

The New Moon happens in your friends zone on the 12th. You might find this is the time to wipe the slate of friendships past their use by dates and embrace the possibilities of new ones.


A sense of restlessness creeps in as Venus and Mars make their way into your travel zone on the 8th and 12th respectively. If the once in a lifetime type overseas holiday is not possible then consider short trips or weekends away to satisfy the travel bug. A personally inspired or meaningful trip will be the break in routine you’ve been craving.

The 9th house is also about study, religion and philosophy so if you’ve been thinking about take a course in an area that interests you, now is a great time.

With your ruler in your friends zone this is a phase of restructuring your social circle- separating the wheat from the chaff so to speak. You might find that you’ll outgrow some long term friendships especially as you gain clarity and vision around your hopes and dreams for the future.

Your co-ruler Uranus links to Venus on the 23rd where unexpected friendships or alliances can be formed. A plot twist in an existing


The hard work, the re-organising and your increasing level of discernment is beginning to pay off. As you continue to sharpen the details, fogginess paves the way for clarity. Mercury is now moving in an onwards and upwards trend in your solar chart showing the work you’ve done behind the scenes will be recognised. You might experience a certain lack of confidence while your ruler is in your opposing sign. Am I good enough? Do I know enough? Do I have the necessary skills?

For the first time in a long time, you may feel more acutely aware your shortcomings. Do your best to not get over critical of yourself or someone else- just keep moving forward and shut of from negative self talk!

Neptune, your co-ruler winds up his retrograde phase on the 17th where slowly you’ll begin to feel the fog lift. You may temporarily feel overwhelmed by your ideas, inspirations and dreams. Saturn will emphasise this as he makes a challenging aspect to Neptune which is a major theme for the month. Additional effort will be asked of you, especially when you least feel like it. Saturn can put a dampening reality check on hopes, dreams and goals but offers a more realistic view of what is truly tangible. Keeping things simple will help you clarify your goals.

From the 20th a little extra effort will go along way in your career and public image. Networking will play a key role as your status and reputation continue to propel you to new levels of responsibility in your work.

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