November + Change on the Horizon

Yesterday I was deep in writing your horoscope for November that will be posted on my website next week. It reminded me of just how excited I am for the astrology of November, it’s a month I’ve personally been waiting for all year.
I want to briefly touch base to let you know what there is to look forward to!

November 8- Jupiter in Sagittarius
Long before I knew much about astrology, I used to call myself a ‘yes’ person. Not so much in the people-pleasing capacity like you might first think of, but more that unless I physically couldn’t do something or be somewhere, I’d say yes and often without thinking too much about it first.

I remember when my first astrology teacher informed me of my ascendant and Moon sign, I was disappointed that I didn’t have Sagittarius rising. I had always associated myself with the enthusiastic, independent and at times opinionated energy of the centaur. Upon further conversation, my teacher explained that while I didn’t have a Sagittarius as my rising sign, I do have its ruling planet, Jupiter, conjoined my ascendant. So, in that respect, I’m kind of an honourary Sagittarius ascendant.

That’s enough about me! The point I’m making here is that until December 3 2019, while Jupiter jubilantly returns to his fiery home for the first time in 12 years, there will be an area of life that you’ll be saying yes to! Yes, that’s right! Even if you’re more strategic or pragmatic by nature, Jupiter in Sagittarius will be activating a sector of your birth chart that invites you to say yes and become more adventurous. Seeking experience over material accumulation may become more important and you may desire more independence and freedom too.

Here is a snapshot of where Jupiter’s joy, generosity and bounty is on offer, if you’re prepared to say yes!

Aries – travel, academia, spiritual or religious pursuits, foreign interests, study, teaching, writing, publishing
Taurus – joint finances, debts, savings, investments, superannuation, taxes, inheritances
Gemini – relationships, both personal and professional, marriage
Cancer – health, wellness, time management, pets, working behind the scenes/slaving away
Leo – fun, romance, joy, children, sex, good times
Virgo – home and family, the foundation of who you are, real estate, domestic life
Libra – ritual, communication, travel, learning, siblings,
Scorpio – cash flow, self-worth and self-esteem, accumulation, spending,
Sagittarius – all about you, your attitudes, physical appearance, health, vitality, personal goals and objectives
Capricorn – rest, retreat, escape, dreams, intuition, inner landscape
Aquarius – friendships, universal abundance and luck, community groups, industry connections, hopes and dreams
Pisces – career, recognition, awards, public life, life direction, vocation

November 16
Mars in Pisces

After a grueling journey through Aquarius since May, Mars enters the oceanic vastness of Pisces. Overthinking or mental stress will subside and make way for the soothing, nourishing and compassionate Piscean domain. Motivations may be guided by feelings rather than facts and action driven by intuition instead of logic. While hot and dry Mars is not particularly functional or comfortable to be in an adaptable and watery home, I’m sure until years end, it will provide a welcome change.

Venus station in Libra
After being in retreat and reflection since early October, Venus is ready to extend the olive branch. Not only is she in her home sign here, but also conjoined the fortunate Fixed Star known as Spica which can boost the potential and promise of a return to harmonious connections.

Mercury station retrograde
Not another retrograde you might be thinking, but at least when Mercury moves into reverse gear, it will simply be more of a nuisance in comparison to recent planetary hiccups. As Mercury grinds back through Sagittarius, he’ll be looking to a very well positioned Jupiter for support. I expect the biggest challenge with this retrograde will be wrapping your head around the details while a plethora of big opportunities to say yes come your way!

I will blog, email, video and update you in more detail as these exciting planetary changes get closer!

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