Karmic Interceptions

On November 12 the Moons Nodes will change from Libra/Aries to Virgo/Pisces. The Nodes change signs around every 18 months, so this ingress is one of November’s astrological highlights.

The Nodes are symbolic interceptions where the Moons’ path around the Earth crosses the ecliptic. These were calculations made by the ancients in order to predict eclipses which were considered omens in themselves. Use of the Nodes date as far back as the 1st Century BCE and were important indicators for timing of Kings to conquer lands or to predict the longevity of someones life.

The use of the Nodes in astrology not only dates way back in history but are also found in different astrological practices around the world. Indian Astrologers have long used Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node) in their delinations. The Karmic qualities associated with the Nodes in modern western practice was borrowed from the joytish traditions once Eastern philosphies reached the west in the 20th century. Prior to that, the nodes had a very different use in western astrology.

After sun signs, many people become interested in learning more about astrology once they come into contact with the symbology of the nodes and what it means for them. These symbolic points are a key in outlining the souls purpose and are often pillars of destiny when one finds they have reached a crossroad in life.

The North Node is said to be ‘the souls journey in this lifetime.’ It’s generally considered to be a positive or beneifc chart placement. It indicates where you need to develop attributes or skills to develop the calling of your soul. It is that uncomfortable place that you inherintly resist but know deep inside you must venture there- your personl road less traveled. The North Node is increasing in nature so it can also be a area where you may find greed or overindulgence.

The South Node is considered to be a negative quality, the area of life where energy drains and has a lessening effect. These are the habits and traits you need to let go of in order to reach the potential the North Node has to offer. The South Node defines our default position and (bad) habits, or the behaviours we find comfort (not necessarily happiness) in. Oftne the place we are most comfortable is the place we least need to be. Success lies beyond your comfort zone. The South Node therefore is also associated with loss.
The Nodes are a polarity, always in opposing signs so striking a balance is always the key!

The North Node is a place of the souls longing, but the South Node can keep you in a place of comfort and familiarlarity (hence losing the good qualities life has to offer). How often in life have you wanted to do something…I mean really do something? It might be to quit that job, that relationship and take an adventure into the unknown? It might be to take a course of study to really expand your minds horizons but you get stuck in the day to day but always maintain that unfulfilled dream in your heart? These issues can often be outlined by the nodes in your birth chart.
The South Node outlines habits or qualities to let go of or keep in check if you are to achieve the polar opposite- the North Node which highlights the area of life where your greatest lessons but your greatest source of pure happiness lies.

The nodes in Virgo/Pisces will activate all of us in some way, the extent of which is determined by your own birth chart.

Below are some key themes you will notice over the next 18 months.

Avoidance of escapism and daydreaming.

To not depend on others or rely on a victim mentality

Cautious compassion

Being of service to others

Improving self confidence and overcoming self doubt

Harnessing your own inner vision

Defining your goals

Developing the ability to say no and follow through

Medicinal and healing breakthroughs

Putting ideas into practical use

Taking risk despite of self doubt

No matter how hard things get, there is always a silver lining

If your birthday falls within the following dates, this nodal transit will be extra potent for you!

May 25 1941 – November 21, 1942
July 27 1950- March 28 1952
December 16 1959- June 10 1961
April 20 1969- November 2 1970
July 6 1978- January 12 1980
December 3 1987- May 22 1989
January 26 1997- October 20 1998
June 22 2006 December 18 2007

If you have planets or senstive chart points in Virgo or Pisces you will feel the effects of the Nodes being in these signs and next years eclipes will be super potent!

If your curious about your own nodal story or your birth chart in general, you can PM me for further information about having your own natal chart consulation.

With the increasing knowledge of Eastern philosphy in the west in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s in particulular and prior to that, the advent of psychology in the late 19th and into the 20th centuries, in 1936 Dane Rudyhar published a book titled “The Astrology of Personality.” Here the concept of the North Node being representive of the soul’s journey in this life and the South Node outlining the karma (often negative) that we have brought with us from prior incarnations.
This assignment of the North Node having a benefic or postive quality and the South Node having a negative or malefic quality derives from both ancient traditions and Joytish astrology.
Many astrologers today view the Nodal axis in the birth chart in this light of postitive and negative.

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