New Moon In Scorpio

While you were sleeping. …

The Scorpio New Moon occurred! 

Secrets or hidden truths will begin to come into light. Scorpio has a shedding quality that will swiftly do away with whatever no longer serves its purpose- think a snake shedding its skin to reveal a renewed version of itself. If something is holding you back from being your true authentic self then you may need to make some changes or cut away from your anchors.

Mars, Scorpios traditional ruler is currently in the last degree of Virgo suggesting that you still need to dig a little deeper and work a little harder to wipe the slate clean.

Mercury in the mix offers some additional information that you may have not been aware of. Sit with it, contemplate it and be certain you’re comfortable with a potential outcome before making your decision.

Venus and Saturns link offers some stability in relationships and financial dealings.

New Moon 20 degrees Scorpio
Brisbane- November 12- 3:48am
New York- November 11- 12:48pm
London- November 11- 5:48pm

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