New Moon in Taurus

New Moon in Taurus

As I sit down to write this post, I have a couple of treats in front of me. My second coffee of the day, which under normal circumstances, it would not be anything new but I’m trying to reduce the amount I’m having at the moment. I also made a muesli slice. It’s basically a quick mix of muesli, coconut and whatever dried fruits or nuts I might have in the pantry, with tahini, honey, salt and cinnamon. Mix it together, press it in a pan and pop it in the fridge. It’s a sweet treat full of texture and not too guilt- laden.
You see, the Moon is sitting at just 1 degree of Taurus right now and I’m talking food!

Cosmic Expectations

I’d been hoping to gain my mojo back regarding a healthy diet and getting back into the gym for over 12 months now. I was hoping Venus’ retrograde in Aries would inspire me to get into health and fitness again like it did back in 2009 when I totally turned my life, and my body around.

Then Mars entered Taurus and I thought, ‘yep, Mars return, this will be it, I’ll get back to my former “The Cassinator” status…ahhh, no. Then the Sun moved into Taurus on the 20th. Yes! This has to be it! You guessed it- no!
I honestly hit the wall. I’d gone back to old habits of drinking and I was eating the majority of my son’s Easter chocolate! All discipline and focus I was totally bereft of which is very unlike me.

Then on Friday afternoon last week, I received a phone call from one of my dearest friends. We got talking about this and that and somehow, we got on the subject of turning 40 and how are bodies just don’t cope as well with being mistreated. I began to tell her and yet at the same time, really only trying to convince myself how I don’t have time for the gym, or how it’s not my priority anymore. I really sounded pretty pathetic!

Later that evening I couldn’t sleep. After struggling to keep my eyes open throughout the day, by night I was buzzing. I’d had enough. I made a decision. Instead of cancelling my membership, I decided I’d just use the darn thing. So, I stayed up late that night watching ‘gym porn’ on YouTube and becoming inspired by some of the women I admired back in the days when I was bodybuilding and powerlifting.

Astrology In Action

My ascendant sign is Gemini. So, it took for action and energy planet (Mars) to fire up my mind (Gemini is ruled by Mercury, associated with the mind) and body (the ascendant).

So, this brings us to the New Moon in Taurus, ruled by Venus who is currently residing in Pisces. This combination brings an extra dose of goodness to this lunation as both the Moon and Venus occupy signs of their exaltation. This brings extra special power to the new beginnings energy of this the New Moon.

Venus is currently in a battle with Saturn, which has been in play for the month of April. During her retrograde (March 4 – April15) elements of life to do with love, relationships and pleasure have gone through a process of reassessment. Her square to Saturn has brought about a quality check around commitments and values.
Just a couple of days after the New Moon, Venus will re-enter Aries and her journey as a morning star will bring independence, courage, determination and a willingness to seek her own identity. If you’re an early worm you can catch her sparkling beauty in the pre-dawn sky.

The New Moon in Taurus can help you plant the seeds of new beginnings after a period of introspection and solidifying what you’re prepared to commit too. The sign of the bull is the most resolute, solid and steadfast of all the 12 signs. Taurus enables you to build for the future based on solid principles, your most essential desires combined with enduring persistent action.

Known for its strength, not flexibility, a proverbial spanner in the works may lead the bull to a fiery charge under the Mercury/Uranus conjunction that lasts until May 16.
Although it’s not necessary to change your goals, things don’t always go as planned. It would be wise to remain flexible of mind and to take on board new ideas or fresh perspectives. A mutual reception (when two planets occupy each other’s signs) between Mercury in Aries and Mars in Gemini will encourage you to avoid digging in your heels, especially if you’re looking for a change in circumstances.

Whether you’re looking to make improvements to your physical body or your material world, both Taurean concepts, brilliant new insights and inspired new ideas can be solidified and materialised. The key to this lunation is to turn those light bulb moments to something tangible, solid and real.

For me, I’m off to the gym….

If you’d like a few extra insights to the Taurus New Moon or the month of May, you can catch last night’s live stream on Facebook I did with the Spiritual Events Directory.

New Moon in Taurus 6 degrees
Brisbane: 10:16pm
New Zealand: 12:16am April 27th
New York: 8:16am
London: 1:16pm

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