New Moon in Taurus – Solid, Stable and Enduring

The New Moon in Taurus can help you plant the seeds of new beginnings after a period of introspection and solidifying what you’re prepared to commit too. The sign of the bull is the most resolute, solid and steadfast of all the 12 signs. Taurus enables you to build for the future based on solid principles, your most essential desires combined with enduring persistent action.

The bovine influence of the bull makes Taurus known for its stability rather than speed. Under the charge of Venus in Aries, you might prefer to set your own pace now, and preferably alone.

Venus is applying to form a square to Saturn in Capricorn. With some compromise, it’s possible to negotiate an arrangement that endures for the long term. This might mean recognising the proverbial seeds planted on the New Moon may take a while to materialise, but they do promise to last.

Whether you’re looking to make improvements to your physical body or your material world, both Taurean concepts, brilliant new insights and inspired new ideas can be solidified and materialised. Mercury prepares to move into Taurus on May 7 and then pairing up with Uranus in Taurus on the 9th.

The key to this lunation is to turn those light bulb moments to something tangible, solid and real. Giving voice to your thoughts, even if they seem off-beat, different or out-of-character. If you’re feeling stuck in a situation, changing the way you think about it is one of the most fruitful steps in improving it.

Personally, I’ve been taking it slow and steady this weekend, chipping away at projects at my own pace and not feeling as rushed as I’ve been in recent weeks! I even did a spot of baking, which I’ve not done in too long! The cheesecake pictured above is a part of my efforts, which is actually a very low calorie and high protein recipe. With the indulgent Taurus vibes, I decided to have it for breakfast. If you are curious about the recipe, you can find it here

New Moon at 14 degrees Taurus

Brisbane: May 5, 8:45am
Auckland: May 5, 10:45am
New York: May 4, 6:45am
London: May 4, 11:45pm

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