New Moon in Scorpio – The Game

As far as the Moon’s cycle goes, through each sign and phase month to month, she doesn’t get much darker or introspective than now.

Both in Scorpio and in the balsamic phase, a period of purging and purifying is promised. This could be anything from eliminating certain foods from your diet, to shifting your mindset and behaviours, to simply just chilling out-giving you the time and the space to strategise moving forward.

The Balsamic phase of the Moon does reflect the need for self-care. It doesn’t matter how much you’re into the hustle or the grind, this Moon phase highlights, at the very least a temporary and necessary pause.

As a cycle of closure and completion, the Balsamic phase isn’t ideal to begin a new project, but it is ideal to tie off (or in Scorpio’s case- cut off) loose ends and formulate a plan for your next move.

It’s the ‘next move’ aspect of the Scorpionic energy I love the most. The uncanny ability to feel their way through a situation, formulate their strategy and make a move. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about business and consumer trends or an intimate relationship, the Scorpio’s ability to feel and predict human behaviour and strategise based on that, is the most fascinating part of the Scorpio’s DNA. The ability to not only survive, but to thrive no matter the odds.

So while we are in the darkest phase and in the deepest sign, you’re encouraged to take a step back and act strategically. You may have to face some uncomfortable truths or deal with feelings or situations you prefer to avoid. After all, Scorpio does deal with the underbelly or the taboo stuff in life!

As the Moon continues swiftly through her tour of Scorpio, she’ll join with the Sun at 26 degrees, marking the New Moon.

While still dark, the direction shifts from reflection to manifestion and execution. Rather than release and letting go, it’s about renewal and building momentum with a lighter load and clearer focus, as the Moon progressively gains light.

While the New Moon perfects, its ruler Mars in Libra links up with Pluto in Capricorn. There’s another contender in ‘the game.’ Your perfectly formulated strategy may come up against disagreement or a struggle for power.

The link, otherwise known as a square is renowned for creating tension that will ultimately require some kind of adjustment. A negotiation, the need for compromise or formulating a win/win strategy is the key to success now.

Below is an outline of life topics that this New Moon will trigger for each sign

Finances, joint money, tax, debts, inheritances, death
All relationships both personal and professional
Daily routines, the grind, work, health and sickness
Fun, creativity, sex, romance and children
Home, family, domestic life, real estate
Learning, writing, short travel, siblings
Money, cash flow, possessions
Everything about you, attitudes, body, habits
Private space, rest, retreat, self-undoing/sabotage
General luck and fortune, allies, friendships, recognition
Career, public life and reputation
Overseas travel, anything foreign, academia, publishing

If you’d like more detail about how the Jupiter in Scorpio cycle may play out for you in the next 12 months, and how to sharpen your ‘game’ then you may enjoy this webinar

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