New Moon in Gemini

Set your life on fire and seek those who fan your flames- Rumi

Amidst the mutable madness that is both the weather here on the east coast of Oz as well as the cosmos, I stumbled across this Rumi quote on my Twitter feed- which is one of my favourites.

As the New Moon in Gemini fast approaches, (5th June, 12:59pm AEST 14 degrees) alongside Venus, this quote reminded me of the importance of attracting like minded people into your life.

The fire you rekindle via the goals and intentions you set under the New Moon could fast fizzle out if you don’t seek the right people to support and encourage you in your endeavours. In the air sign of Gemini, socialising, networking and connecting with the like minded has never been so important.

With the current merry-go-round of planetary energy now, it can be easy to get distracted, disappointed or let fear get in the way.

Under this New Moon, make a promise to connect with those special people in your life that boost your spirits and make you buzz with energy. We all have that one friend that doesn’t matter how much time passes between speaking, you always pick up from where you left off, just like it was yesterday.

Happy New Moon!

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