New Moon in Gemini

The beginning of a new lunar month is always a time for exciting possibilities. The last few days prior to a New Moon is an ideal time to rest, contemplate and reflect. It’s like the cosmos’ own rhythmic goal setting cycle, all playing out in the heavens.

After the slow plodding energy of a Balsamic Moon in Taurus, the Moon’s entrance into Gemini in preparation for a New Moon will literally, be like a breath of fresh air.

Gemini is the 3rd sign of the Zodiac and the first sign in the air element. Out of the 4 astrological elements, (fire, air, earth and water), air is the only element you cannot see. As such, air is associated with thoughts, ideas and communication. Like the wind, minds can change direction in an instant.

Known as the curious and information driven sign, Gemini loves to be social. Its nature is restless, fluid and dynamic.

Gemini belongs to the modality known as mutable. Its expression can be variable and ambivalent. Often in a constant state of flux, Gemini’s ideas, thoughts and perspective are forever adaptable and always changing. This adaptability can often be mistaken as scattered or lacking in focus. Granted, finding things that can hold the attention of a Gemini for long enough can be an issue!

The New Moon will activate the house of your birth chart that is ruled by Gemini. Here is where you’ll need to remain open to fresh new ideas and perspectives. Be open to new information and remain flexible about your opinions about them.

This lunation is unique in the sense that it makes no aspects to other planets, giving this New Moon a pure Gemini expression. It is however, closely aligned with Fixed Star Aldebaran.

Unlike the planets, known as wandering stars, the Fixed Stars don’t move. Fixed Stars, also known as the Guardians of the Sky were used as GPS points since antiquity. Aldebaran is known as the Royal Watcher of the East.

Aldebaran, Arabic for “the follower” as it follows the Pleiades, a group of stars in the constellation of Taurus. Due to the procession of the Equinoxes, Aldebaran now resides at 10 degrees of Gemini. If you have a planet or sensitive chart point, such as the ascendant or midheaven, around 9-11 Gemini, you’ll be able to tap into the energy of Aldebaran, who will act as your personal lucky star.

You’ll find the stories of these Fixed Stars steeped in history. The ancient Persians referred to them as The Four Royal Stars/Watchers. They are aligned with the Four Heavenly Kings in Buddhism and the esoteric Christians know them as the archangels, of which, Archangel Michael has the nature of Aldebaran.

Archangel Michael is often depicted with a sword (Mars) and who is both muscular and athletic (Gemini). His sword is down with a demon beneath it, showing a recent battle won.

Under the New Moon, we all have the opportunity to tap into the spirit and energy of Aldebaran who bestows fortunate riches and honour. A fight or battle of some kind maybe required. With lunation ruler, Mercury, still in Taurus you may battle rigid ideas in order to embrace new ones. As he is near both the Sun and Moon, positive outcomes in business matters as well as your domestic and public life are possible.

Keep your footsteps light, ready to change direction within a swift second. Remain flexible and keep your clever plans at the ready.

New Moon 5 degrees Gemini

Brisbane May 26 5:44am
New Zealand May 26 7:44am
Singapore May 26 3:44am
New York May 25 3:44pm
London May 25 8:44pm

If you would like more insights into this New Moon and the month of June, I’ll be doing a live feed on my Facebook page tonight at 8pm. Would love to see you there.

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