New Moon in Capricorn – Embrace the Suck

If you’ve already failed on your New Year’s resolutions, it’s not too late for a ‘take two.’
The first New Moon of 2018 falls in Capricorn. In fact, this lunation features a whopping 6 planets in the sign of the mountain goat.

Since antiquity, the Sun and the Moon were markers of time. The Sun can be depicted as the hour hand with the slower moving cycle (one zodiac sign per month) and the Moon is like hour minute hand (one sign approximately every 2.5 days). Each month the New Moon is a celestial opportunity for an emotional recharge or reset within the Sun’s influence for that month.

When new the Moon is still void of light, but a new cycle has begun. If you’ve ever grown a plant from a seed, you’ll know it will take a little time to witness any evidence of life from the plant. Under the surface of the dirt, there is a lot going on. The seed opens, it grows and spreads roots as it begins the uptake of vital nutrients from the soil. All this goes on behind the scenes.

The New Moon is similar to this analogy. It is about setting intentions, new goals whilst being aware that the manifestation of these will take time.

The fact that this New Moon occurs among a grouping (what astrologers refer to as a stellium) of planets in Capricorn makes this lunation ideal for planning, strategising and remaining focused on the destination as well as the journey.
Capricorn is represented by the mountain goat, who navigates unforgiving terrain and harsh weather conditions. Alone, it remains focused and determined, whilst taking one step after the other, never losing sight of the summit.

Not that I’m a subscriber to the 12-letter alphabet system of house rulership in astrology, but in this case, the 10th houses’ association with Capricorn is particularly relevant. Representing high noon, this position of the birth chart depicts the crown, the career and the highest position of the sun during the day, and the highest achievements of the native, like the top of the mountain the goat has reached.

Here in the Southern Hemisphere, the proverbial goat is at the top of the mountain, described by the recent Summer Solstice just before Christmas. The Sun is at its highest at this time of year. A time to slow down and enjoy the view from the top for a little while. For our Northern friends, in the depths of Winter, their goat is at the foot of the mountain. Relying on resources accumulated in the warmer months, this is a period of consolidation and reinforcement, not only of the material realm but also of mental austerity.

In my part of the world at least, we don’t experience the sharp contrast of seasons like they do in the North. Overall, in our modern-day life, we are less subject to climate conditions. If it’s hot, we turn on the air conditioner, if the cupboard is looking bare, we head up to the local shops and buy what we need. If the weather has been kind to our farmers crops, we may have an abundance of certain produce at a better quality, we might be lucky enough to purchase at a better price, but rationing or going hungry at the mercy of mother nature is not a part of our existence.

Not only has this level of convenience minimised our relationship to the seasons, but also our stoicism. With 6 planets in Capricorn, a harsh reality check at some level is likely. We may have to embrace elements of our life that, well, suck!

The fact is, life is a bit like the 80/20 rule. Often, we get so caught up on the 20% that we lose perspective on the 80%. Some parts of life just suck. Accept it and move on.

Several months ago, whilst watching powerlifting YouTube videos, I was introduced to the term ‘embrace the suck’ that is used by the US Marines. The fact is, that many of the things we want in life requires a process of suck to get it. This is a domain that Capricorn revels in. They have an ingrained understanding of the short-term pain for long term gain.


With both the Sun and the Moon, Venus, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto all in Capricorn, we have no option but to ‘embrace the suck’ at some level, especially if there is an objective you wish to achieve.

Think of every resolution you’ve made for 2018. Did you already quit because it got too hard, you didn’t like the deprivation of pleasure or you simply got distracted by old habits?

Embracing the suck encapsulates that things aren’t always happy happy joy joy all of the time. It’s a phrase that invites you to change your perspective and understand that things take time, but you’ll get there in the end, like the mountain goat.

This New Moon falls in a close conjunction with Venus, who is just about ready to exit Capricorn. Fresh from her Cazimi last week, she too is at the beginning of a new cycle. This offers an opportunity to start afresh on relationship or emotional matters. Unlike mountain goats, humans are social creatures who do rely on support from our lovers and friends. Your goals will be easier to obtain with help and influence of those you love.

Mercury and Saturn also work closely together, emphasising the need to make a plan or pay extra attention to details. Breaking down your main objective into smaller, bite size chucks can reduce overwhelm and allow you to feel accomplished during the process. You can’t put an old head on young shoulders as they say, so it may be worthwhile to heed the advice of a mentor, someone older or who has achieved what you want to do.

We are now in the Balsamic phase of the Moon, the phase of closure and completion before the new cycle begins. This is an ideal time to rest, restore and reflect. You may even ask yourself, have you tried to achieve this goal before? If you’re still trying to lose that same 5kgs, pay off that same credit card or finally complete something you keep restarting, it may be worth your while to consider a new approach.

Radical Uranus squares this New Moon, causing an angle of friction between the old and the new. A bold new approach can help you break the cycle and finally reach the top of the mountain.

New Moon in Capricorn
January 17
Brisbane 12:17pm
New Zealand 3:17pm
London 2:17am

January 16
New York 9:17pm
Los Angeles 6:17pm

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