New Moon in Cancer

Today, Monday July 3 brings the annual New Moon in Cancer, at 12pm AEST. 

This is one of the most exciting New Moon’s of the year as this lunation brings an alignment with Sirius, a Fixed Star associated with fame, honours and success. 
Mercury and Venus are also cuddled up super close to the New Moon, suggesting that communication will help you gain the support you need. Help isn’t far away, you just have to ask. 

New Moon’s offer fresh starts and new beginnings. In the family orientated sign of Cancer, themes to do with your domestic scene may be highlighted now. 

New Moon’s are a monthly kick start for new manifestations and goals. As close to 12pm as possible (within 8 hours after the New Moon is also ok) take some time out to jot down a few hopes and goals, and plant the seeds of growth and manifestation under this most potent and fruitful time. 

If you would like further insight into this months New Moon and the rest of July in general, be sure to check out your horoscopes. If you know your ascendant or rising sign, read that one too!

If you’re looking for clarity and guidance an astrology chart consultation can light the way. In person readings are available and if you’re not in Brisbane, we can connect via Skype from anywhere on the globe!

The wonderful image of the crab is by Michelle Smith. 

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