New Moon In Aries – My Secret Love

I’ve always held a secret love for the spirit of Aries. Perhaps it’s my South Node speaking, but that independence, that courageousness, that not giving a stuff what others think, that blazing a path less travelled, it gets me every time.

One morning, very late in 2015 I made a tough but necessary decision. I enrolled my then 18-month-old son into day care 2 days a week.
God it was hard. Some days it still is. Now he’s nearly 4 and sometimes the tears still roll down his face, while I do my best to hold my own back. Some days I still wonder if I’m even doing the right thing. Mum guilt is real.

Then, at the beginning of 2016, my progressed Moon entered Aries. I’ll always remember the stark contrast of the temperamental shift from water to fire. I was coming out of the new Mum haze of broken sleep, irregular showers and getting out of my pyjamas before midday being my biggest achievement. I felt reborn and alive. I was making decisions and taking action. The old Cass was coming back!

Almost overnight I felt the fog that clouded every element of my own identity lift. I could see clearly the path I needed to walk down and I took my first step fearlessly. Like a spirited Viking, unsure of the journey, but determined to recognise my destiny. I ventured toward lands I had not yet seen, seeking the treasures within my own life.

The desire inside to forge my own path and seek my independence was real. I wasn’t certain of what was ahead, but it wasn’t enough to shake the desire that emanated from my bones.

What I have learned about my own personal tour of Aries over the last 2.5 years is that I didn’t have to wait for others anymore. That I could carve out my own identity and still be a Mum. I learned that my life wasn’t about someone else’s permission, pace or approval. My happiness was mine alone and I sure as hell wasn’t going to slow down or wait for others.

Like my own personal journey through Aries, you too may find your own courage and independence.

Tomorrow’s New Moon in Aries, will conjoin Uranus- the planet representing shocks, surprises and authenticity. This is the final New Moon in Aries alongside Uranus in Aries.

The coming days may feel like a book end to a chapter that began back in 2010. Breakdowns and breakthroughs are possible.
Mars, the ruler of this lunation reminds me of what chefs say, ‘better to cut yourself on a sharp knife than a blunt one.’ Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves is a clean break. This could be a relationship, a job or even our old habits that hold us into limiting patterns.

You may find yourself taking action in sudden, unexpected, yet totally right for you ways.

The inspiring surge of fire may encourage you to take your own path less travelled. To say no when you’d normally say yes. To answer the stirring within your soul that seeks authenticity and freedom. To venture down your own path less travelled.
Yes, Uranus is known for its ability to shock and surprise. Often though, these blips on the radar can catapult you into a new direction, where the treasure of your own life can be discovered.

In a few weeks, I’ll bid adieu to my progressed Moon in Aries and continue my evolving lunar landscape through the greener pastures of Taurus. While I look forward to some stability and calm, I’ll always be grateful to reunite, if only briefly, to the spirit of Aries.

New Moon in Aries 26 degrees
April 16
Brisbane: 11:57am
New Zealand: 1:57pm
London: 2:57am
April 15
New York: 9:57pm

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