New Moon Eclipse in Cancer

When eclipse season looms, time feels different. The polarities in life become more apparent and things tend to change, in either small or large ways.

On July 13 here in Australia and Europe and the 12th in the Americas, we’ll experience the first of three eclipses in this season. This first eclipse, straddles the boundaries between the current cycle of the lunar nodes in Leo/Aquarius and the upcoming cycle of Cancer/Capricorn which begins on November 7.

Astronomically, this weeks’ eclipse is a bit of a non-event. The Moon will eclipse about 10% of the solar disc and it will occur over the Antarctic ocean.

Astrologically however, this eclipse opens a preview of karmic destiny over the next 2 years that will be extremely potent if you’re a Cancer or Capricorn or have planets that occupy those signs.

A solar eclipse can only occur at a New Moon, when the Sun and Moon occupy the same zodiacal position in the sky. A lunation becomes an eclipse within 18 degrees of either the North or South Node of the Moon. As this New Moon happens 16 degrees from the North Node in Leo, it’s considered a partial eclipse, which usually means they are less dramatic.
While only a partial eclipse, what makes this one especially powerful is its partile opposition to intense Pluto. This cosmic tension may trigger a death/rebirth experience, one of the hallmarks of Pluto’s realm. As the Moon partially shadows the Sun, deep inner emotions or wounds from the past may be exposed and healed.

A part of this process may involve confronting a situation, person or obligation that has become toxic, in order to reclaim your power and start afresh, as the symbolism of a New Moon promises.

Thinking Things Over

Messenger Mercury entered his retrograde arc or shadow on the 8th, hovering over territory he’ll revisit during the next 2 eclipses on July 27 and August 11. As we enter the changing of the guard cycle in respect to these eclipse cycles, reflections and reviews will be imperative under the upcoming Mercury retrograde phase from on July 26 – August 17.

Passion planet Mars is also retrograde throughout this eclipse season, highlighting innermost desires. While in the thinking sign of Aquarius, this isn’t the most opportune time to go wielding swords or severing ties. However, it’s likely what does need to be cut and cauterized will become increasingly obvious.

Silver Linings

This cathartic eclipse does have a couple of silver linings. Jupiter in Scorpio stations direct on the 11th, just prior to the eclipse. After 5 months of deep diving in Scorpio’s murky waters, Jupiter begins to bounce back, renewed, jubilant and optimistic and making a wide supportive trine to the eclipse.

There is also a grand earth trine forming between Venus in Virgo, Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. A part of the eclipse story may be finding harmony between differing desires and aligning material desires with the emotional. Old traditions and new paradigms can be integrated, especially when it comes to love and money.

With the axis of Cancer/Capricorn combined with a grand earth trine under this eclipse, the key underlining theme this week is security. Brilliant new beginnings are possible especially if you remain true to your emotional needs, or where it may become apparent you’ve given your power away. It may be hurtful or confronting at first to make this realisation. Operating from a position of personal empowerment is the key to manifesting both your emotional needs as well as the material.

Image from the ABC website of the Solar Eclipse November 2012, visible from Palm Cove, Queensland, Australia.

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