New Moon and Keeping the Faith

New Moon in Sagittarius

We are fully in the swing of Sagittarius season now with the luminaries and Saturn in the sign of the centaur in preparation for the New Moon. Messenger Mercury has just slipped into Saturn’s sign of Capricorn.

Sagittarius reminds us of our limitless potential when we have faith in ourself and always keeping the big picture firmly focussed in our minds eye. In fact, when Sadge has an idea or a piece of wisdom to cling to, they can assume others think the same way. Sometimes the complete conviction of Sagittarius can be a downside to those who don’t share a similar view. Their endless enthusiasm to bring you around the their way of thinking can be seen as badgering. Not everyone can share the same level of enthusiasm, at least not all of the time!

Tuning into your own dreams and harnessing your own vision can help you fully utilise the essence of Sagittarius- faith. Having faith in your own dreams, desires and goals despite the haters or naysayers.

There is always a reason to not do something but Sagittarius always sees the possibility in the unimaginable. This optimism can be contagious. A leap of faith, confidence and courage in ones’ knowledge and ability to find new horizons is the calling card of all Sadges!

As the end of 2015 is in sight, this New Moon will encourage you to dream big leading up to the New Year. Squaring visionary Jupiter and trining innovative Uranus, your dreams are as only as big as your imagination! Saturn also in Sagittarius suggests that dreams can manifest with a bit of hard work! If you’d like to bring about some positive changes for 2016 and change the course of your destination, set some New Moon intentions tomorrow evening, Australian east coast time.

“I always liked those moments of epiphany, when you have the next destination”- Brad Pitt

New Moon 20 Degrees, 11 December

Brisbane – 8:30pm
New York – 5:30am
London – 10:30am

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