Mercury square Mars – Thoughts, Feeling, Action

One of the key features of July the square aspect between Mercury in Cancer and Mars in Aries that happens twice.
The first time, July 8, happens at 6 degrees while Mercury is still retrograde. The second time on July 28, see Mercury direct and picking up speed and clashing with Mars again at 16 degrees.

When it comes to clear cut communication, Mercury in Cancer, especially retrograde, is already on the back foot. In water signs, including Scorpio and Pisces, Mercury is considered mute. If you’ve ever played that game as a kid, when you’re on opposite ends of a pool and you try and talk to each other under the water, you’ll get the picture about how tricky it is for Mercury in water signs to get the point across.

Mercury likes to deal with facts, data and information, which emotions and feelings, governed by water, are the antithesis of.
Mars is at home in Aries. It’s strong, powerful and willful. It likes to do what it wants and cares very little for the sensitivities of the crab.
The superior square from Mars further brutalises cuddly and sensitive Mercury in Cancer.

The first square, occurring at 6 degrees Cancer / Aries, happens while Mercury in Cancer is within the terms / bounds of Mars. This may offer a certain clarity of thought or a surprisingly direct approach when it comes to verbalising what may usually be challenging.
If you’re normally one to shy away from confrontation or being honest about your feelings, this first square may prompt you to defend or protect yourself by initiating a conversation that you’d otherwise avoid having.

If you already err on the side of being overly direct, then this aspect could result in a dose of foot and mouth disease. For Mars at 6 Aries, is within the terms of Venus, currently in Mercury’s sign of Gemini. This could be beneficial for Mars in helping to consider someone else’s point of view. That being said, Mars is gonna Mars, so it will still need to be called out in order to reign it in long enough to recognise there’s another perspective to even consider.

The second square, sees both Mercury and Mars within Mercury’s terms. This may assist you in finding a solution to any of the more emotive problems that arose under the first square. Where differing desires become apparent, you may be able to discover a workable solution by taking a more logical or factual approach.

Any problems, communication snafus or reactive emotions that pop up today can be quelled by addressing them. Even if the words and feelings get all muddled up, having them out on the table gives you something you can work with, rather than having them all bottled up inside.

If you would like to understand more about the terms / bounds, then you may like to join me for a webinar later in July.

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