Mercury sextile Pluto – Telling the Truth

As Mercury forms a sextile to Pluto, you might finally be ready to reveal a secret, share an honest thought or uncover new truths.

With the ongoing Venus retrograde in Scorpio, much of the celestial energy as been about true desires in relationships. Venus in reverse has invited us to look within and confront our inner desires, established patterns and consider what we really want.

In the sky, Mercury moves through parts of the ecliptic other planets don’t go. Like the thoughts that flicker through the mind. When Mercury and Pluto join forces, you may be forced to confront parts of your mind that you’d rather not go, to admit a feeling, or confess a secret.

As Mercury in Scorpio makes a supportive sextile to Pluto, deep insights about all this can be had. This aspect may spark a confronting or difficult conversation that can ultimately lead to forming strengthened and honest communication that could heal a fractured situation.

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