Mercury…Saying Yes and Committing

Today’s supportive sextile between Mercury and Jupiter paved the way for some big new opportunities. With Mercury and Jupiter at 15 degrees of Sagittarius and Libra respectively, the world is your oyster if you’re prepared to think big!

This planetary aspect is about what is possible
. Sextiles are an aspect of opportunity and like all opportunities, a little work may be required. The first step starts with YES!

Say yes to opportunities that involve learning something new. Connect with a mentor or someone who can offer you the right guidance or show you the way. You may decide to explore your options regarding study or travel.
Be open to possibility!
In the later part of the day and through until tomorrow, swift Mercury will meet with Saturn. Although this is a more cautious or reserved expression, this aspect can help you ground or connect with the big ideas of earlier in the day.
This is a ground-work type influence that will encourage you to sign the contract, commit to the study or book the ticket!

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