Mercury Rx Hangovers + Weekend Astro

I never thought I’d be so glad to see Mercury change signs. Thanks to a retrograde phase, Mercury has been in Virgo since July 31. These last couple of weeks especially, I’ve been constantly putting out fires, and dealing with pesky issues beyond my control that cost me time and money. It’s like I’m finally coming out of a Mercury Retrograde Hangover!

So the upcoming months are particularly exciting astro-wise. Collectively, we’re shifting from the dominating mutable themes of vacillating between impulsiveness and inertia toward a stronger drive for action and change. This increased Cardinal astro-energy will bring about long-needed adjustments. This final few months of 2016 are set to bring dynamic developments!

Now that Mercury is in Libra, he adds a touch of this cardinal or moveable energy to the way we communicate and express our ideas. Social interaction is highlighted, and the exchange of thoughts, ideas and perspectives are emphasised. In a Venus ruled sign, you may find you’ll spend a little extra cash on objects of pleasure or experiences that bring you joy. Mercury will be in Libra until October 24.

In the spirit of Mercury’s shift, tomorrow I’m finally meeting in person some of my online students from my Contemporary Astrology Program who I’ve only had the opportunity to connect with in cyberspace so far. In person, we’ll be able to chew the fat over all the astrology ideas and concepts we’ve explored together over the last several months, over some fine food and coffee!

I love nothing more than to share my knowledge of astrology with others. I’m offering an introductory workshop about astrology next weekend in Brisbane. If you’re curious about learning more about how astrology works, you can find all the details and book your place here. This workshop is limited to 10 people, so get in quick!

If you’re ready to take the next step in learning more about astrology, then pop over to my courses page, where you can register for my upcoming Level 1 Beginners course which runs for 6 weeks, starting November 4.
The next two months will see me here, there and everywhere in and around Brisbane. If you’d like to schedule a mini consultation, then my events page is where you can find me.

In- depth consultations are available over Skype!

Astro for the Weekend

Mercury in Libra- October 7: An increase in sociability and the exchange of new ideas and perspectives can be shared now. Conversations about peace, love and fairness may help tip the scales back into balance.

Sun square Pluto- October 7 & 8: This intense aspect can bring power issues to the surface. Are you giving away your power or are you dominating others? This simmering aspect brings the brightest star of our Solar System in connection with the most farthest away. What is hidden will come to light. Truths will be revealed. Be honest and upfront.

Moon in Capricorn October 7 & 8: As the Moon whips through Cardinal Capricorn this weekend, the vibe may be less ‘lovey dovey’ and more about attending to practical details. In the first quarter phase, this lunar energy is all about pushing forward and making progress. A meeting with both Mars and Pluto within 12 hours may cause some friction. Removing yourself from a situation that may be leaving you hot under the collar will help you remain objective.

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