Mercury Retrograde in Aries

Messenger planet Mercury is now touring the fiery terrain of Aries. Thanks to a retrograde phase starting March 22, Mercury will be in Aries for two months.

Over the last few weeks, while Mercury has been in Pisces, you may have felt bogged down or overwhelmed. Making decisions or getting your message across in a clear or concise manner may have been tricky. Now in confident and forthright Aries, you might notice a heightened clarity of thought.

Communication becomes less emotional now. Rather than feeling your way through, it’s more about what do you need to do to get from point A to point B and executing.

Mercury in Aries is a straight shooter, who doesn’t mince words. The proverbial foot and mouth disease is possible while Mercury is in super responsive/reactive Aries. In the rush to move ahead with something, you may find yourself making hasty choices or committing to something before thinking things through.

If you’re someone who is naturally hesitant to express or share your ideas, Mercury in Aries can offer the confidence or enthusiasm to speak up on something that is important. If you already speak with confidence or authority, then you might be more outspoken or upfront than usual.

As a part of Mercury’s tour through Aries, he will make three square aspects to serious Saturn in Capricorn. Those dates are March 11, April 5 and 25.

This will put the brakes on quick thinking Mercury in Aries while clashing against serious Saturn. Mercury in Aries likes to be super-fast, Saturn is super slow. Rather than rushing things through or taking a short cut, Saturn will demand thoroughness. Slowed down thinking will be necessary to absorb information and prevent mistakes. Detailed planning or scheduling is favoured now. How you organise your time and the efficiency of your productivity will be up for re-organisation.

When Mercury and Saturn work together, the weight of your words matter. Taking your time can reduce errors, over-committing or even saying things you don’t mean. Avoid the temptation to rush in and make hasty decisions. Choices and commitments count under Saturn’s influence.

Messenger planet Mercury begins his first reverse phase for 2018 on March 22nd and concludes April 14.

You might read a bit about Mercury thrice yearly retrograde on the internet. It’s not a signal for impending doom. For sure, it can bring delays and frustrations, but generally speaking, it’s a bit of a stress raiser and not a great deal more. Missed calls, lost emails, mixed messages and snafus regarding logistics and communication provide many of the hiccups experienced during this period.

In this day and age of information overload, Mercury retrograde does bring an opportunity to slow down, reassess and integrate new perspectives. As Mercury makes 3 connections to Saturn in the next two months, you might consider revisiting your long-term goals and objectives. As we enter the end of the first quarter of 2018, you may ask yourself, are you making inroads toward what was important to you at the turn of the New Year, or has procrastination or old habits crept in and taken hold?

Mercury retrograde is the ideal time to re-plan, re-think and re-do. As always, refer to the house of your birth chart that holds Aries. This will be your key area for developing new perspectives over the upcoming months.

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