Mercury Retrograde and the Oathkeeper

Mercury is about to embark upon the first of his usual thrice yearly retrograde, however, this year we get four doses of Mercury madness! Each year, Mercury retrogrades in a different element. In 2016, the Earth element is the feature of trickster Mercury’s arsenal.

When Mercury retrogrades, he asks that you ‘re’ his significations. Meaning re-do, re-write, re-read, re-organise, revise, re-plan, Mercury orientated themes.
Often times, Mercury is little more than the proverbial spanner in the works that costs time and /or money or your sense of inner peace and harmony when mundane things go wrong. Under Mercury’s retrograde, your car battery might fail, you turn up to your chiropractor’s appointment at quarter past when you were scheduled for quarter to, your mobile (cell phone) does some kind of spontaneous update and wipes your photos…oh back up, back up, back up! Back up your entire life….now!
The Titanic also sank under a Mercury Retrograde so yes, sometimes the outcome is devastating.

Apart from the slightest dip into Aquarius, Mercury holidays in the Earth signs this year. Kicking off with Capricorn this week and then Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn again in the later months. Mercury asks you pay special attention to the Earthly areas of your chart (if you know what houses are governed by Earth signs) but in general you’re looking at the tangible, financial and stuff around material security.

The Earth element is practical, sensible and enduring. Cutting back on unnecessary bells and whistles will be a big part of the Mercury story for 2016- especially with Jupiter in Virgo until September.
Look to where you can trim the fat or do more with less. The practicality of Earth signs can be really resourceful with the bare essentials.
‘Prior preparation prevents poor performance’ would be an ideal motto to embrace during Mercury retrogrades this year.

Mercury’s first aspect is a square to Mars which is an encore of last weeks saga. This time under the fixed nature of Aquarius and Scorpio, issues hashed out will rear their head again. There will be an inclination to dig in your heels, stay in your corner and refuse to negotiate. Mars is very much at home in the sign of the Scorpion and here, his blade is sharper than a surgeons scalpel, even sharper than Valyrian steel! Mars will cut away the BS and get to the core of the issue. Mercury travelling backwards means you may have to re think some of your ideals or principles that may be causing you friction or mental stress.
Strife, tension and conflict will be difficult to avoid in Mercurial pursuits as Mars will be the planet that calls ‘checkmate’ over Mercury due to his superior position in the square. Keeping promises and speaking the truth will be high on the agenda this week!

Mercury will make other aspects during his reverse but more on those impending.

Mercury Retrograde

1 degree Aquarius – 15 degrees Capricorn
5th- 26th January

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