Mercury on the Move- Dark Shadows and Brilliant Highlights

This week sees 3 key aspects by Mercury that may help unravel a problem or an issue that has been on your mind.

Thinking planet Mercury is moving toward an intense conjunction with Pluto- Wednesday 24/25 January.
While in grounded Capricorn, there is a slow-down of sorts in order to plan, prioritise and focus on our top priorities.

It reminds me of the quote, ‘meditation isn’t about controlling your thoughts, but allowing our thoughts to not control you.’

Not that I’m a mediator, but a fair amount of Gemini in my own chart, I am a thinker. Recently, I’ve been paying attention to where my thoughts wander and where my mental attention goes. Where your thoughts go, energy flows. Since Mercury has been in Capricorn, I’ve been trying to ‘ground’ my thoughts to what I can control, create and manifest. If thoughts pop up and I find my mood or feeling changes direction to a place I don’t want it to be in, I recognise it and let it go.

As Mercury conjoins Pluto over the next 24 hours, deep processing can occur about where your thoughts take you. Through stillness or awareness of your intention, you may see a situation in a different light.

Powerhouse Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008, and since 2010, conjunctions between the two planets have been occurring during the December/January period since. While these aspects are fleeting (unless retrogrades by Mercury slow the process down a little) they do provide an annual update around your longer Pluto in Capricorn story.

This year, as it will be until 2020, the co-presence with Saturn will make this aspect increasingly stark, obvious and possibly manifest more externally than the previous rumblings within.

While intimately fused for less than 24 hours, the depth and intensity of your own thoughts may be building up now.
Your mind may turn to issues of power, control, intimacy, money or those things that are generally left unsaid or swept under the carpet.

Pluto may prompt you to have that honest conversation or deal with a painful matter that pulls you down like an undertow.

While confronting at first, bringing a secret, a taboo topic or a hidden agenda out into the light can bring powerful healing and progress.

Mercury is the trickster of the planetary God’s. The fact he rules the mind, and that too can play tricks on us is no accident. Calming the monkey mind can be one of life’s most challenging things to do.

Often the most damaging words are the one’s we tell ourselves, our own narrative and the stories we play out in our own mind.

If you need to broach an honest conversation, Brene Brown offers a wonderful suggestion for opening a line of questioning that dissolves blame or accusation.
She says something along the lines of, ‘when you said …… the story I’m making up in my mind.’ This gives the idea that there are mismatched perspectives on a given situation. It also offers the opportunity to get back onto the same page and greatly reduces confrontation.

Mental powers can be strong under this deep and probing influence. Strategising, planning and producing is heightened, and what you need to do or organise can become crystal clear. Shaking off distractions and focusing on your deepest desires, goals or plans can help.

If you get distracted (urrrghhh social media) ask yourself whether this is helping or hindering you. When you feel clear, focussed and grounded that which isn’t a part of the plan will easily fall away.

Under this planetary influence, a long-awaited piece of news may arrive. It could a contract, an agreement or something involving money.

Hot off the heels from Pluto, Mercury will sextile Jupiter- January 25. This buoyant and exuberant link can help lighten and broaden the mind to what is possible. What may have felt stuck or immoveable now has some flow or support. A little effort can go a long way under the sextile.

By nature, Mercury tends to be influenced by the planets he connects with. Jupiter’s generous nature can help bring light to a plan or project. Ideas or possibilities may seem endless if you dare to dream.

A person of influence, means or ability may offer support or encouragement. Be open minded to the possibilities that are around you, rather than being stuck or rigid about the way you think things should be.
It might you that is the person who can help someone else. A kind word or deed can go along way to create mutual benefit.

Mercury square Uranus clash on January 28.

New ideas, bold breakthroughs and flashes of insight are all exciting ways that this aspect can play out.
One of Uranus’ key roles is to shake things up in order to liberate. Unafraid of risk, Uranus can encourage you to think outside the box or say what you’d normally leave unsaid.

When thinking about Uranus, I’ll often cast my mind back to a time when the world was changing. I mean, it’s always changing, but imagine for a moment the massive paradigm shifts that occur when you know something you didn’t know before. Imagine how it felt when for thousands of years it was thought the Solar System ended with Saturn. Then in the 1700’s Uranus was discovered. New frontiers were opened along with new ideas about the universe and its vast possibilities.

Remember the feeling of breakthrough when you finally solved a problem or saw something for what it was, and felt free.

The square aspect is one of tension. You may have to sit in a frustrating spot for a while until you can figure out the problem, find the solution and make a choice. The key here is to not allow limit or fear to hold you back.

A little chaos, confusion or the unexpected is possible with Uranus, after all he’s exciting and likes to shake some salt on things. Embrace a new approach, explore a new idea or make an unexpected choice. The element of shock or surprise may lead to the breakthrough you’ve been looking for, creating a defining moment of what was and would could be.

If you know your chart, look to the houses that rule Capricorn (Mercury) Scorpio (Jupiter) and Aries (Uranus). These are the 3 houses that will tie in this week’s astrology, helping you find solutions to any problems that may be on your mind.

Have you had any particular thoughts on your mind? Has this week’s astrology prompted you to see things from a fresh perspective?

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