Mercury & Mars – Spreading Your Wings

After this epic season of retrogrades and eclipses, there are a couple of astro-weather breakthroughs that can help you spread your wings again.

Mercury is now occupying 11 degrees Leo, the area of the zodiac where the winged messenger will station direct next week.

When a planet stations, especially when returning to direct motion, it’s similar to that moment when you recover from being ill. Still far from 100% but just well enough to perform some basic tasks.

As Mercury begins to emerge from his metaphorical sick bed over the next week or so, you might begin to notice any Mercury retrograde issues you experienced begin to recover too. The last time Mercury was at 11 Leo was July 7/8. Crossed wires, snafus, miscommunications or logistical matters from then may reappear.

As Mercury prepares to make a move, he’ll do so applying to sextile Venus, then squaring Jupiter. Making contacts to the two benefic planets, renewed perspectives and improved communication can reveal deep truths and togetherness in relationships.

Mars has been in Aquarius a long time- since mid-May. Dipping back into Capricorn on the 13th, where he’ll remain until September 10/11.
Despite being retrograde, Mars is uber productive in strategic Capricorn. The 26-27th sees Mars station direct at his exaltation degree. Known to be super fortunate, lucky or elevated. Mars making his move here delivers the promise that what you’ve been working hard for can lead you toward positive progress.
If you’ve been lazy in a certain area, Mars may offer a swift reminder to, as we say in Australia, ‘pull ya socks up.’ What goes up must come down. Elevated positions don’t last forever, but consistent hard work over time is what yields results- the penchant of Mars in Capricorn.

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