Mercury, Jupiter And A Link To The Future

An exciting aspect in play right now is Mercury in Gemini square Jupiter and the North Node.

Here is an excerpt I wrote in my Solstice Forecast last week, when the Full Moon illuminated Jupiter and the North Node…

“The Full Moon ruler is Jupiter in Virgo, conjunct the North Node. The Full Moon will cast her brightest light on an area of life that is performing inefficiently or feels bogged down. Tangible progress will be made by tending to details, streamlining your systems, attending to health issues and generally cutting the crap from your life. 
You may gain insight as to why a certain routine or ritual is really working, or not, now and make useful and practical improvements.”

Mercury is now triggering an excess of information and quite possibly, a sensation of feeling overwhelmed by so much mutable movement that has flavoured the month. With Jupiter in Mercury’s sign, Jupiter is looking to Mercury for support. Attempting to process all the details, for now, is an exercise in futility. Look for the little areas where you can make practical improvements but the theme is still ‘go with the flow’ and get as much information as you can, (you can deal with the deets another time.)

The third and final supportive link will occur between Jupiter and Pluto will occur on Sunday June 26. At the same time, Mercury is fast approaching the last aspect he’ll make while in the sign of Gemini- to none other than exciting, electric and dynamic Uranus.
Be on the lookout for good news, a piece of information that comes out of the blue or a breakthrough regarding a pet project or a great opportunity that will be a gateway to your future.

So far, 2016 has been peppered with false starts, mishaps and turbulence. Mars retrograde has been long and arduous- making his way through only one and a half signs in 6 months. Next week, he stations direct, releasing a little bit of frustration in one area of your life- more on that soon!

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Good Luck x

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