Mercury in Virgo – Mentally Methodical

I’m a fan of Mercury in Virgo. On paper, it’s one of our best planet/sign combinations as it is the only planet that holds both rulership and exaltation in the one sign.
I also like the once-a-year-visit as an opportunity to slow down or become a little more what I call, mentally methodical. To sift through the endless amounts of data and information that are directed at us daily and consider what’s worth keeping and what’s not.

Mercury in Virgo supports getting organised, tidying up your desk and the endless piles of papers, receipts and other bits and pieces that clutter and distract the mind. You might take this celestial chance to clean up your inbox or your social media friends list too.

What I personally love about the Mercury in Virgo vibe, is that is still has the speedy uptake of data, but combined with a process of refinement.

From August 19/20 – September 5/6, you might look at the ways you can perfect, refine or purify some of your own Mercury processes such as;

  • Your calendar, general logistics and the way you deal with the minute in your life
  • The content you consume online
  • The choices you make around money – you might opt for quality over quantity when it comes to spending, or a conservative approach toward saving
  • The words you speak to yourself, consciously or subconsciously
  • Your communication style and the words you choose to speak, write or read

    Mercury in Virgo can also support choices involving contracts, business deals or other agreements around money.

As this particular transit of Mercury in Virgo is super swift, it offers a brief, yet powerful celestial energy to hone in your mental focus to prepare for the rest of 2020.

The strategic and process-orientated qualities of Mercury in Virgo remind me of the phrase, “prior preparation prevents poor performance.” In which areas of your life can you adopt a more detailed approach? Where can you make well-thought-out adjustments that support your endeavours. Where do you need to take a little extra time to sift through details?

The 25th (26th in Australia) sees Mercury link with innovative Uranus in Taurus. This may spark a fresh idea or help you connect the dots about your personal planning and preparation.

The 29th sees Mercury form a trine with Jupiter in Capricorn. As Jupiter isn’t at his jolly best in Capricorn, Mercury may help you shift your mindset or find a solution or a strategy to a longer-term problem.

The 30th/31st sees Mercury oppose Neptune, which will have a confusing or diffusing effect on Mercury. This will be a day to step back from the details and allow yourself to figure out how you feel.

Mercury will connect with Pluto on September 1st, via a trine. This investigative and probing energy may bring to light a hidden problem or you could find the truth to a matter. Honesty will be highlighted in communications, where you may discover your own underlining motivations, or somebody else’s.

September 3 sees Mercury trine Saturn. Regardless of the aspect, when these two planets align, I think of the idea of the ‘pinkie promise,’ the special binding contract between children. Whether you’re making a promise to a child, or to an adult, this aspect generally won’t leave you much wiggle room to adjust the terms. Mercury/Saturn holds you accountable to your word or to your agreements. With the trine aspects, there is less tension or frustration, so you might even be able to deliver above and beyond expectations or deadlines.

Mercury’s final aspect while in Virgo is the supportive trine to Venus on the 4th/5th of September. These connections bode well for supportive communication or making deals and agreements with ease. This is ripe territory if you need to make a change to the arrangement or get someone onside with your plan or idea.

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