Mercury In Virgo- Data, Details and Preparation

Not for reasons you’d expect, but Mercury in Virgo takes me back to high school biology class. One day I walked into the classroom and the teacher had stuck a large, bright yellow banner along the top of the black board, and it read,

‘prior preparation prevents poor performance’

Very Mercury in Virgo!

Mercury will be in Virgo for 2.5 months (until October 7), which is a long time for Mercury who can whip through sign in 2 weeks.
Mercury likes to move fast whereas Virgo, being an Earth sign, likes to take time. Virgo likes to collect all the details and data and slowly and thoroughly process them before making decision. This combination lends itself to critical thinking, strategic planning and dealing with life’s mundane and logistical details.

Mercury’s retrograde in Virgo from August 29- September 21 will highlight where in life you need to be focused on the details and the data. Even if you don’t have any planets in Virgo, the house in your birth chart that holds the sign of Virgo will require some prior preparation.

Aries– your health, well-being, daily rituals
Taurus– children, fun, hobbies, romance and joy
Gemini– your home and family, family history/roots
Cancer– your siblings, kin, communication – including the internet, neighbours
Leo– your personal finances
Virgo– your appearance, your body, your approach/attitude to life
Libra– your downtime, rest, reflection, that which is hidden
Scorpio– your friends, groups, alliances and professional networks, general good luck
Sagittarius– your career and public profile, your success and reputation
Capricorn– wisdom and faith, overseas travel, publishing-including the internet
Aquarius– money you owe, joint finances, investments, future financial planning
Pisces– your relationships both romantic and professional

Another way in which Mercury can become and increased influence in your life is that of Profections.
If Mercury is your “Time Lord” for a given year, you will be more sensitive to his movements through the zodiac, the aspects he makes and when he’s retrograde.
Profections are one of my favourite predictive tools and I one cover in depth in an astrology consultation.

Mercury and the week ahead!

This week continues from Sunday’s Mercury Neptune opposition.

Mercury in Virgo likes precise facts, but Neptune is the background noise and the message comes through distorted, unclear and misunderstood. This can be troublesome when the message needs to be crystal clear.
On the flipside, this combination lends itself to tapping into your intuition and unseen energies around you. Mercury in Virgo is highly logical whereas Neptune in Pisces makes no sense at all. Sometimes, when you switch of the logical brain, your gut instincts become heightened and in that funny, blurred reality Neptune revels, things make more sense than ever.

Later in the day, Mercury joins the North Node. Messages, emails or conversations may provide a glimpse into the bigger picture of this long Mercury transit.
Pay attention to the areas of life where you may be showing avoidance or reluctance due to being inside your comfort zone.

Mercury trine Pluto

Saturday brings a supportive link that will help you dig for details. Pluto is about truth so motivations within yourself or others may be highlighted now. Being in the earth element, this aspect may be about honesty with money or resources. Being truthful will help define whether others are on the same page as you, or not.

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