Mercury in Scorpio – Going Deeper

Curious Mercury takes a deep dive into the murky waters of Scorpio from October 3 – December 9. This extra-long visit, thanks to a retrograde phase, begins on Halloween, and continues through until November 20.

As I contemplate the next two months of Mercury in Scorpio, it seems fitting that we’re offered this opportunity to go deeper into ourselves and process what 2019 has delivered, thus far.

While in Scorpio, Mercury seeks to mine more information. It wants to probe deeper, get more data, more insight, in order to fully process what comes to light.

In some ways, this extended cycle can help you make sense (Mercury) of deep, buried or complicated emotions (Scorpio).

This may require asking direct and well-thought-out questions, either of yourself or someone else, rather than skimming over the details. It may also mean before you respond to other people’s questions, think deeply and honestly about your answer.

Now that the heaviness of Saturn and the South Node is beginning to shift, some parts of your life you’ll be seeing with new clarity.
Two months of Mercury in Scorpio is an invitation to go deeper into this new clarity, this new reality, this new experience, and explore how that F E E L S.

As many of you probably already know, I’m a HUGE Metallica fan. Due to the lead singer, James Hetfield returning to rehab (a prediction I made at one of my NORWAC lectures), their Australia / New Zealand tour has been cancelled.
Thus, prompting me to dust off my DVD of Some Kind of Monster, a documentary filmed in 2001 – 2003, based around the last time he entered rehab.

For me, this movie is Mercury in Scorpio personified. It takes a deep dive into the pain, process and eventual healing that is possible when you’re prepared to take a look inside yourself.
From the band’s own Scorpio guitarist about rehab,
“they don’t just focus on the fact you’re an alcoholic, they go way deep and crack you open, and spill you out, and examine all the things on the table…”

Of course, that isn’t to say that this cycle has to be that intense, painful or personal, but there will be one area of life that will prompt you to examine all the pieces. It could be your health, your money or your friendships. I’ve included a mini horoscope below to guide you.

One thing is for sure is, trusting your instincts about the facts that come to light will be super important.

There may be mis-match between what appears to be true and what feels right within you. One thing is for sure, is that Scorpio has an inbuilt BS detector. The sign has an ability to read subtle and non-verbal ques about what’s really going on. Your experience of this may be more noticeable over the next two months, and if that’s the case, then lean into it. That’s your intuition at work.

Until November 20, Mercury in Scorpio will be looking to its ruler, Mars in Libra for support, bringing relationship themes to this retrograde cycle.

From October 8/9 – November 1/2, an interesting pattern between Mars and Venus forms where they occupy each other’s signs.
Known as reception, this can suggest support, help or assistance available, but a link is missing to make a connection.

As Mercury, slows right down and stations retrograde on the 31st October – 1st November, it will conjoin Venus. The Mercury retrograde period may bring the opportunity to reflect, reveal and process where missing links may lie in a relationship, either with someone else, or within your own self.

When Mercury stations direct on November 20, it will do so just as Mars enters Scorpio and into its rulership. Thus, Mars can help empower you with any necessary choices that the retrograde brings to the surface.

If you experience doubt, uncertainty, resistance or even resistance over the next two months, that’s your sign to go deeper.

The Details (please note that the initial date references USA time, the latter Australian)
October 3: Mercury in Scorpio
October 8/9: Venus in Scorpio
October 11: Mercury retrograde shadow, 11 Scorpio
October 31: Mercury stations retrograde conjoined Venus, 27 Scorpio
November 1/2: Venus in Sagittarius
November 19: Mars in Scorpio
November 20: Mercury stations direct, 11 Scorpio
December 9: Mercury in Sagittarius

The Horoscope
Aries: debts, investments, joint money, fears and anxieties
Taurus: personal and professional relationships
Gemini: health and wellbeing, time management
Cancer: fun, joy, creativity, romance and children
Leo: home, family, living situation, ancestry
Virgo: communication, daily travels, study, teaching, ritual
Libra: money, cash flow, attitudes to abundance
Scorpio: all about you
Sagittarius: rest, retreat, dreams, isolation
Capricorn: friendships, hopes, networks
Aquarius: career, life direction, reputation
Pisces: global opportunities, faith and philosophy

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