Mercury In Sagittarius

As the Sun rises tomorrow morning 21 November, ‪#‎Mercury‬ will also in a brand new sign of ‪#‎Sagittarius‬.

Some of Mercury’s main themes are communication, thinking, the mind, as well as the collection of facts and data. Sometimes Mercury can’t see the forest for the trees but when he moves into the sign of the archer, those ideas can be thrust not only through the forest but onto the vast horizons beyond it.

Mercury tends to migrate toward the minute but in Sagittarius he lends himself to bigger ideas, confident opinions and philosophical rather than factual thinking. At opposing ends of the minds spectrum, Mercury is said to be in its detriment in Sagittarius. Not that this is ‘bad’ per se, it’s just that Mercury finds it very distracting to focus on details when there are so many avenues to broaden his thinking.

When Mercury is in Sagittarius you’ll notice that there is a tendency to over exaggerate, opinions override facts and words tend to have an inspirational and enthusiastic tone to them.

One of the first major aspects Mercury will make is to conjoin Saturn at 6 degrees on November 25. In Sagittarius, Mercury is known to ‘shoot ones mouth off’ or suffer from ‘foot in mouth disease.’ With Saturn in the picture messages in regard to faith, philosophy and freedom will have restrictive and authoritative tone. Uncharacteristic careful thought before speaking will be a signature of Mercury’s sojourn through Sadge, especially as he slows down before next months retrograde.

Speak your truth, but think before you do!

Mercury in Sagittarius until December 10.

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