Mercury, Getting Sick and Pushing 40

I love profections. I find them one of the most telling predictive tools in my astrological toolkit and is something I spend a fair amount of time analysing when you have a consultation with me.
However, sometimes like doctors, astrologers make the worst patients in the sense that we don’t always spend time considering the finite points of our own charts!

For a while now, I’ve been dying to get back to the gym, to have some time for myself and get back to my pre-pregnancy nickname “The Cassinator.” However, with a 2-year-old starting kindy earlier this year, he brought home every bug you can imagine and I either caught it as well, or, ended up with minimal sleep looking after an unwell toddler.

With the Sun’s recent ingress into Scorpio, it inspired me to re-evaluate my daily routine and my overall well-being as it entered my 6th house.

Like many people on a Monday morning, I dusted off my gym membership tag and headed down to my local gym. Not quite to my former powerlifting standards, but I performed many of the accessory exercises to help strengthen my core and a few other niggling issues that crop up from time to time.
I loved every minute of it. The sound of Slipknot on my IPod. Every lift of the barbell. Every bead of sweat that stung my eyes. The feeling of tingling muscles that had lied dormant for the best part of 3 years. In the back of my mind I could hear George Costanza’s voice “I’m back baby.”

Tuesday morning, I woke up as expected, like a walking zombie. I took my son to his swimming lesson thinking I’m getting old, too unfit and generally feeling sorry for myself, which is unlike me.
By the time I got back home. It hit me. Like a bus. I had to lie down. I felt cold all morning despite the Spring air getting increasingly warmer each day. In a shivering cold sweat, I slept for the rest of the day.

I thought I’d tough it out for a couple of days expecting to get over it pretty quickly. I then remembered that I’m currently in a Mercury profection. This means that I’m very sensitive to the movements of Mercury until my next birthday, and he too, was entering my 6th house.

Although the Sun’s passage into the sign of Scorpio inspired me to get back on track with my health and fitness as I begin to get ever closer to turning the BIG 4.0, I initially failed to notice the movements of Mercury, my profected time lord.

As Mercury ingressed into Scorpio, he became what is known as combust. The philosophy is that a planet gets burnt by the Sun’s rays when it gets too close, like the story of Icarus.
So literally, my profected planet was scorched by the heat of the Sun astrologically, and here on Earth, I was lying in bed with a cold sweat and soaring temperatures.
As you may expect, once Mercury got to Cazimi, in the heart of the Sun, the fever broke and I felt I was beginning to turn a corner. Once he got back to his combusted state, I realised I’d actually done a U Turn and just when I thought I was getting better, I wasn’t.

So off to the doctors and after just two doses of antibiotics later, the fire in my throat was reduced to embers. My energy gradually got back to normal.

Unlike other forms of divination, astrology can offer time frames for events and predict the highs and lows of a situation based on planetary movement.

So now Mercury has passed his conjunction with the Sun and over the next week, he’ll be out from under the beams, and then I too, will be back to full strength and posting again more regularly!

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