Mercury Cazimi

Mercury Cazimi- The Eye of the Storm

Today sees Mercury make his half way point through the current retrograde cycle. This brief yet potent position is known as Cazimi- in the heart of the Sun.

Mercury retrograde is commonly known as a period where the schedules and logistics that run our everyday life, go haywire. While, these issues can cause chaos, confusion and added stress, this part of the Messenger’s cycle generally doesn’t signify major life changing issues.

So, amidst all of the snafus, today may feel like being in the eye of the storm. Cazimi is like a place of calm and clarity, where new perspectives can be gained.

Due to Mercury still being retrograde, this conjunction with the Sun is known as the inferior conjunction. Mercury’s position between the Sun and Earth symbolically brings his significations closer to us. While at the ‘heart of the Sun,’ we may discover the ‘heart of the matter.’

It’s unavoidable to mention this current cycle and omit Saturn’s involvement. Not only does Mercury retrograde bring about cross-wires, snafus or delays, for many, it’s brought matters to a grinding and seemingly insurmountable halt.

Saturn’s confining structure’s that were once comforting, may have become a fortress. Mercury backing away from Saturn earlier this week, provided a metaphorical escape route. The insurmountable, or the impenetrable now has some flex.

It must also be noted that this all happens within the final degrees of Sagittarius, where Saturn will depart and not return for 30 years. Mercury retreating through the archer’s fire asks us to reflect on life topics that required a higher level of responsibility since December 2014.

Insights and information that happens today can bring brilliant new perspectives that can close the chapter known as Saturn in Sagittarius. Like always, the house of your birth chart ruled by the sign of Sagittarius will highlight were truth, facts and opinions need to be carefully contemplated and integrated in order to find your own wisdom.

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