Mercury Cazimi- don’t put off what can be done today!

Until approximately 6:46pm this evening, July 7, Mercury is making his superior conjunction with the Sun and is in the Cazimi position.

When a planet is Cazimi, it is said to hold special powers or to be in a position of extreme fortune. For those who watch Game of Thrones, a planet in Cazimi is like being the king’s hand, where you’re in a position of influence, persuasion and power.

While in this placement for a very short time, Mercury can use his elevated influence to all mercurial matters such as writing, networking, money exchanges and all forms of communication.

Bright new ideas and good news are all hallmarks of Mercury Cazimi.

Rhetorius of Egypt, an Hellenistic astrologer, states that the position of Cazimi occurs within one degree of the Sun, ‘egkardios.’ Astrologers from the medieval period use a 17 minute window, which translates to less the 12 hours in real time.
Mercury will be Cazimi until 6:46pm AEST.

Don’t put of until tomorrow what you can do today regarding sending an important email, making a phone call, pitching an idea, making a proposal or networking.

Look to the area of your chart where 15 degrees of Cancer lies. This is where you can receive a special boost from the King today!

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