Mercury and the Sun

The Mercury Cazimi window is still wide open. This represents the point in Mercury’s cycle where we can expect the greatest momentum in matter’s relating to Mercury-communication, writing, speaking and our ability to connect and network with those around us.
January 14 was the last time Mercury got to rub shoulders with the Sun, this time however, he isn’t retrograde and therefore is in the superior position. What was on the agenda for you in that mixed up false start month that was January? What connections were you trying to make? What point were you trying to get across? What were you trying to say?

Mercury is now at the culmination point of his current cycle- similar to that of a Full Moon. Considering the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury occurred within an hour of last nights’ Full Moon eclipse makes this Cazimi more potent, more poignant and potentially chaotic, the fundamental theme underlying most eclipses. In the sign of Aries, getting your point across, in a clear, concise and direct fashion will help you get your point across!

This window will close at approximately 12:40pm, AEST. There is still a few hours left to send that email, make that call, establish important connections or tie up loose ends from January.

If you have Mercury, Gemini or Virgo prominent in your own birth chart, the cycle of Mercury is definitely a planet to keep your eye on!

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