Mercury and the Full Moon- Refill Your Cup

Mercury- station direct, 15 degrees Capricorn

Mercury is now at 15 degrees, stationed, and about to turn direct. When a planet is stationed, it’s themes are more intense and potent, with Pluto present, Mercurial issues are now back on the agenda.

Mercury and Pluto’s previous entanglement occurred late December where situations surrounding communication, the way we think and our thoughts are back on the table. Caution with your minds inner workings, words and logic may be required as Pluto’s obsessive nature combined with Mercury’s trickery can confuse or skew issues that can be easily solved by paying closer attention. Mercury’s stationary position suggests you do the same. By stopping, paying attention to your thoughts, words and deeds you will place yourself in a better position to embrace Pluto’s gift of power.
By taking your time, you are poised to see things from a different angle, gain more knowledge or get to the root of a certain matter.
What has been hidden, confused, hard to grasp or delayed will slowly come to light. The less you speak, the more you will hear now.

Full Moon in Leo, 4 degrees

Growing up, one of the my mothers’ pearls of wisdom she would frequently impart was, ‘to thine self be true.’ I grew up, became an astrologer and, low and behold I learn she has her ascendant and Moon in Aquarius opposing Uranus in Leo, and her Sun square Pluto in Leo. She is an embodiment of the ‘everything for everyone and nothing for no one’ mantra of the Aquarius/Leo axis.
She also understood that you can’t give from and empty cup and that healthy selfishness is necessary in order to give to others. Mum enjoyed her special treats along the way, be it luxurious cosmetics or a licorice feast on a Saturday night.

Tomorrow, the Capricorn lunar cycle will reach its peak at the Full Moon in Leo. Mercury’s station in hard working Capricorn is a reminder of what is needed in order to achieve our means. You may need to dig deeper and work harder, or take a break and give yourself a reward and refill your cup.

The Full Moon in Leo also highlights that our own cup may be running low. Indulge in something that makes you, and you alone feel special. Spoil yourself with a little royal treatment, be a king or queen for a day!

Full Moon in Leo, 4 degrees
January 24, 11:45am

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