Mercury and Mars in Leo – From Water to Fire

As many of you probably already know, I’m one third of the Water Trio Astrology Podcast. We just spent the morning recording a few episodes in advance to allow space for Kelly’s overseas relocation. Even though these calls are professional in their nature, it’s still wonderful to be uplifted and inspired through connecting with two of my favourite people.

This reminds me a little of what we all have to look forward to now that Mercury has just shifted into Leo, Thursday, June 27 10:20am AEST and Wednesday, June 26 at 5:20pm PDT.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of the elemental shift from water to fire. Sensitive emotions and melancholy will pave way for inspiration and elevation as the influence of fire turns our minds to what is possible.

You might notice that your thoughts and ideas become less wrapped up in the past and start shifting toward the future. Issues to do with planning and logistics that felt too hard throughout most of June may now feel more doable.

In ancient thought, fire is considered to be the most divine of elements as the flames reach up toward the heavens. With Leo becoming an increasing cosmic focus in July, you too may finally decide to reach up and out toward something that has been stirring you emotionally over recent weeks.

That said, Mercury is on the go-slow now in preparation for a retrograde phase that begins on the 8th/9th. So this isn’t super speedy get it done Mercury in fire. Mercury will spend an extra long time in the early stages of Leo from June 26/27 – July 19 and again from August 11/12 – 15/16.
This, combined with Mercury forming a whole sign trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius, promises the budding of grandiose plans and big ideas.

This first part of Mercury through Leo suggests a phase of preparation and planning while your vision for the future marinates. This is in part to both the Sun (Leo’s ruler) and Mars treading water through Cancer. More time may be required before you feel ready to make a profound statement or a bold move.

Once Mars bursts into Leo on July 1 here in the South and July 2 in the Northern Hemisphere, the upcoming month may feel like your fire has been ignited which may revive your energy and bring you hope for the new month.

This may just be the cosmic fire you need to help you navigate the upcoming eclipses across the Cancer/Capricorn axis on the 2/3 and 16/17. Unlike the crossover eclipses of January that also incorporated Leo/Aquarius, July’s eclipses will channel your focus into a specific area of life for you. With Mercury and Mars no longer in aspect to either Cancer or Capricorn then, these planets provide an outlet where you can focus your attention and energy somewhere else, finally.

Once Mercury returns to Leo (after retrograding back into Cancer) from August 11/12 – 15/16, the Sun and Mars will also be in Leo. This added dose of heat and dryness promises to uplift, motivate and inspire. Those decisions or choices you’ve been mulling over due to being emotionally stuck or sensitive about, will suddenly, become clear.
During that time, Jupiter will station direct in Sagittarius. It is during the first half of August, you can expect the pilot light you’re currently nurturing burst into a brilliant flame.

How are you experiencing this significant elemental shift? For me, I’ve spent the last week marinating my experiences and ideas from my US tour. Now I feel ready to start putting into action many of these ideas and plans during the next 6 months!

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