Mars + Uranus – Push Me, Pull Me

Frustration and tension are likely this week as Mars in Leo and Uranus in Taurus square off.

Uranus in Taurus is already an uncomfortable combination. Uranus loves to shake things up, it’s unpredictable and is stimulated by change and chaos.

However, Taurus loves peace, calm and serenity. The fixed nature of this bovine sign actively resists all that Uranus signifies.

When I think of Uranus in Taurus, the lyrics from “Corduroy” by Pearl Jam come to mind
“Push me and I will resist
This behaviours not unique”

Even though Mars doesn’t have any dignity in Leo, both are hot and dry and reflect each other’s essential nature. Mars in Leo can struggle getting started, it does offer slow and sustained action that can last for the long term.

One of the challenges of the fixed sign combination of Leo/Taurus is that they can get so focused on a particular thing, that they don’t realise that that thing can be altered, shifted or adjusted. It’s this lack of ability to remediate and deviate that can bring rise to feelings of being stuck.

This catalytic pairing may provoke sudden action or events that are shocking or surprising. You might feel conflicting urges about what you want to do and what you feel you must do.

Mars in Leo is like the proverbial cattle prod to Uranus in Taurus.

While these two planets get in each other’s way, tension, restlessness or agitation may be driven by a burning desire to get out of a stuck situation.

What was once tolerable or even accepted may bring rise to new levels of resistance. You might be overcome by the desire for freedom. Perhaps you want something to go your own way or to be noticed, recognised or validated.

Sparks may fly, prompting you to push back on a promise, commitment or course of action.

This aspect might bring into your awareness that something you thought you wanted, no longer satisfies you. You might be longing for change or simply something different, even if you’re not totally sure what that might be.

Authenticity is a key component when Uranus becomes activated, and with the focused fire of Mars in Leo, individuality becomes even more important.

Uranus can help you challenge the status quo, while Mars can motivate you to pursue a passion, dream or goal. As these two planets battle it out, you might get revved up and fight for what you want, no matter the cost.

Chaos and disruption are likely, especially if you get close to something you thought you wanted, only to have it within reach and opt for a radical course correction.

Uranus can evoke a divine spark within your heart and call you up to follow the path least travelled. Something that seemed impossible, out of reach or out of character, may all of a sudden, feel like a necessity rather than an option.

Through a no holds barred approach, you can embrace your inner courage, making choices that feel right for you, regardless of the consequences.

It may take an initial blow up or confrontation with someone like a partner, boss or family member. Once that build up of pressure is released and the dust settles, step by step, you can begin to lay a foundation upon the path that calls your spirit forward.

Life can feel in a flux when Uranus is activated. The ability to remain flexible amidst ongoing changes and being open to experimentation will help. It’s about having the courage to take a step, even if you’re not sure where that step will lead you. Among the change and chaos, you’ll find opportunities that go beyond your wildest dreams.

Mars in Leo will square Uranus in Taurus at 6 degrees

July 11 US/Canada
July 12 Australia/NZ
*Check your chart!
If you have planets or angles at 4-8 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, this week’s volatile astrology will play out more significantly for you.
Look to the houses that contain Taurus (where Uranus will reside until 2026) and Leo, which may highlight the life topics those houses describe.
Do you have any planets in those degrees of the fixed signs? They will offer clues to how things may play out.

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