Mars Square Saturn- Nearly, But Not Yet…

For the next 4 weeks, all planets are in direct motion, something that hasn’t occurred since February 2013. While this sounds like a smooth road ahead and an ideal start for the New Year period, there are some factors to this week that feel as though things are not quite coming together, at least not yet.

Firstly, Mars in Pisces is approaching a square to Saturn in Sagittarius which will perfect on Thursday. The square itself is an aspect of adjustment. Like a rubber band, that can stretch to a certain point before it breaks. Both signs of Pisces and Sagittarius are mutable signs. They like the flexibility of movement, especially that of ideals, imagination and beliefs. They are signs that both do well with both flexibility, movement and adjustments.
Mars and Saturn represent courage and fear, assertiveness and control, impulse and discipline. Mars says “go” and Saturn stays “stop.”

Questions you may ponder this week could be, “how far am I willing to go for this?” “do I need to force my will, or shall I go with the flow?” “do I have to compromise my beliefs in order to have what I want?” “how far can I bend before I break?”

In the background of this aspect, Mars and Venus continue to chase each other, but won’t make a conjunction until they reach the sign of Virgo in October. Jupiter and Saturn, while in close range, slip further away from each other won’t fully support endeavours until August. Mercury is still in his post-retrograde shadow until January 28.

All this taken into account, this weeks’ Mars Saturn square suggests to hold strong and keep the faith. There may be a sense of timing not being right. The most gentle and inspired thing to do right now might be to take a step back and realise that it is impossible to accomplish everything at the same time. Where you feel the most tension or irritation building is where you may need to slow down, as Saturn in Sagittarius makes the superior square to Mars in Pisces. Slow down, but don’t stop. Nearly….just not yet.

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