Mars square Pluto + Power & Control

20 degrees Libra / Capricorn – November 5

After a recent square to Saturn on October 28, Mars now needs to stand ground against powerful Pluto.
The square aspect indicates a battle of wills may be an issue you need to contend with now.

Mars already struggles in the sign of Libra. The go-getting energy of Mars is hindered by Libra’s desires to accommodate and play nice.
With heavy Pluto in the mix, you might realise that forces outside of your control may be impacting your ability to obtain what you want.

The frustration of the square may prompt you to consider who is in charge. It might be possible that someone or a situation is holding more power over you than you realise.

Examining your patterns may provide a clue to what you need to shift or adjust.
By recalibrating your focus, you can decide what you really want. It may mean having to be more assertive or making a bold move in order to rebalance the scales, especially if power dynamics have gotten out of whack.
Taking a temporary pause can assist you in exploring themes of motivation and manipulation. Are you forcing your sheer will for altruistic means or is there an undercurrent of manipulating others to achieve your desires?

Despite your best attempts at diplomacy, you might come to the conclusion that despite your best efforts, something simply isn’t working. It may mean severing ties or cutting away toxic elements from your life.

A powerhouse of potential is possible under this planetary play. By applying yourself to a task, you can make massive progress even if that means taking a stubborn approach or ruffling feathers in order to get it done.

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