Mars square Neptune

The last few days since Mercury entered Aries, it formed a sextile aspect and mutual reception to Mars in Gemini, creating a flurry of busyness and mental energy.

That influence may subside somewhat as Mars is now on the approach to square Neptune at 21 degrees Gemini / Pisces on April 9 / 10 depending on your time zone.

When these two planets clash, it can feel kind of like a buzz kill. You might notice a diffusion of focus or feel a little lost or discombobulated.

Mars in Gemini thrives in the kind of varying mental activity others may find stressful or even anxiety inducing. As an example, I’ve known emergency room doctors with this placement. Bouncing from one patient to the other, either stitching up patients or whipping out the scalpel and everything in between!
Being an air sign, Mars is motivated by fresh facts, new information and data.

Mars in Gemini is considered to be peregrine – like an aimless warrior without essential dignity. One of the shortcomings of this placement is that Mars in Gemini already lacks focus. Planets without a particular gift or problem can be a little like the joker in the pack – you may not always know how they’ll behave!

Variety is the spice of life with Gemini and if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably got plenty of balls in the air, trying to juggle them all right now.

The scattered quality of Mars in Gemini can make it hard to concentrate on a particular task. Honing in your focus on one topic one minute and bouncing to something else the next. Planets in Gemini aren’t renowned for their long attention span, but rather a curiosity about a broad range of interests.

Mars in Gemini does gain a bit of dignity when using Egyptian Terms. The degrees between 17 – 23 does see Mars gain a little more laser- like focus then, which may be helpful under the Mars / Neptune square. Mars will be within its own Eqyptian Terms (also known as bounds) between April 1 – 13.

Generally speaking, when Mars squares Neptune, a of a lack of focus or direction in action is emphasised. It’s possible you may experience a lack of confidence in making choices or using your words to get your ideas across.

Mars will square Neptune at 21 degrees, while in its own Egyptian Terms. Mars in Gemini has an extra martial quality then. This may help you get to the bottom of a perplexing question, make confident choices despite not knowing the details or help you to lift the lid on your own desires.

If your energy wanes under Neptune’s influence or your willpower becomes stalled, this aspect may encourage you to step away from a frantic pace or energy and allow yourself to become reinspired.

Mars in Gemini will be the ruler of the upcoming New Moon in Aries at 22 degrees on April 11 / 12. As Mars will sextile the lunation and trine Jupiter, the rest of this week is ideal for thinking about and imagining your dreams for the future.

If you need some inspiration for your goals and intentions in the year ahead, my Aries New Moon Workshop is available for download.

Curious about the Egyptian Terms? I’ve got a webinar on that too!

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