Mars Square Jupiter- Yes…But Not Yet….

Today and tomorrow (October 5/6) sees Mars and Jupiter make a challenging square connection. Mars is the initiator or an ‘act now’ type of planet. In Capricorn, his willingness to rush is cooled down just enough to slow the pace enough to feel your way through.

Jupiter, as our Solar Systems’ biggest gas giant likes to say yes to everything. In Libra, he can act like everything will be ok, acting on faith or optimism alone.
In combination, this can lead to overconfidence or saying yes to something before you weigh up all your options.

Saying yes is still ok, but put your conditions in place first, or work within a time frame that suits you, your commitments or your current schedule.

A motto to live by for the next couple of days may be ‘say no to what you want now, so you can say yes to what you want most.’

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