Mars Retrograde Support Circle

I think there are very few people who haven’t been profoundly change in some way this year.

As a Gemini rising, I’m not as social as you’d imagine. I like a lot of time alone, but even 2020 has tested the limits of how solo I like to be!

Combined with Saturn’s tour of Capricorn, also triggered by Uranus in Taurus, I’ve reflected a lot on heritage, ancestors and just how far removed we are from how we’ve always been.

Sisterhood is one of the most grounding, nurturing and regenerative experiences. To spend time basked in the support of our closest friendships whether in a ritual setting or drinking cocktails during a fun night out is a soulful, joyful and necessary experience.

Men spending time with men also enriches their spirit.

In the distant past, our ancestors would have spent a majority of their time with all the women in the village, or, all the men, and the community at large. The responsibilities of raising children and ensuring safety and survival of all was shared. In other words, communities of the past operated by the idea that high tides raise all boats.

For sure, there would have been times to be alone, to contemplate, or to connect to the Gods, but nothing like the level of aloneness we experience now. It wasn’t normal to have extended solitude or to spend time with only your immediate family, like we do now.

Then 2020 came along and created a deeper wedge into that divide between how things were, and how they are now.

Rather than the reciprocation of relying on the village and the village relying on you, we’re now separated into our own containers. We earn our own money, buy our own food, pay our own bills, we outsource the care of children, we deal with our own trauma.

The absence of solid sisterhood, or brotherhood, has left us bereft of deep, soulful connection, mentorship, accountability and responsibility. And that loneliness is killing people.

For a while now, I’ve been trying to find a way I can utilise this lengthy Mars in Aries visit to my 11th house of community, friendship, hopes and dreams in a more meaningful way.

Understanding that the challenges, anxieties and isolation that this year has highlighted for so many, I figured that facilitating an online space is the next best thing I can do beside starting an in-real-life group.

Thus, The Turning Shit into Gold Circle is now ready to join.

For the duration of the Mars retrograde cycle, I want to bring a group of women, men, non-binary folks together to connect and support each other through these really tricky times.

By taking this shit, aka two strong malefics forming a lengthy square aspect, and turning it into gold.


Through connection, hope, inspiration and community.

While we’ll definitely be guided by astrology each week, this isn’t a circle where I’ll be sharing astrology in terms of transits and timing.  Unlike The Golden Circle, this is not an astrology-centric circle. Rather, this is an astrology – inspired circle.

My idea for this group is to take the current cosmic shit and use it as fuel to help you

  • Tap into and unlock limiting beliefs and fear
  • Help you reconnect to your fire, even though it may feel your back is against the wall
  • Overcome mindset challenges when things are tough
  • Tap into the essence of who you are, so you can become stronger through the storm
  • Connect to your dreams and desires, and live your life with intention
  • Hold space for what lies ahead, even if that feels so far from reach right now

You could say this is more of an astro-coach support group, offering an online space to realign and refocus beyond the astrology of the here and now.

My own desire for this circle is to tap into a way in which we can transmute the limitations and challenges of this period and reach the next level of happiness, abundance and joy. Even though the weather conditions are tough, together with our collective hope and determination can get through it!

For more details about the Mars Retrograde Circle and how you can join, click the link below.

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