Mars retrograde in Gemini

Out into the danger zone…

I’m not sure if that song title from Top Gun aptly describes the astrology for the next several months, or not, though there’s no doubt we’re moving into a different zone of sorts.

The particular zone we’re heading into in Mars retrograde in Gemini. The last time this happened was in 2007 / 2008. Pluto was at the tale end of Sagittarius, just like now where it’s at the tale end of Capricorn.

Mars in Gemini is tipped to be a peak period of confusion, fatigue and mental overload.

Mars first entered Gemini on August 20 and will station retrograde on October 30 at 25 degrees of Gemini. January 12 sees Mars back in forward motion at 9 Gemini. March 25 is when the red planet finally enters Cancer.

In Gemini, Mars has no particular dignity or strength, nor in any air sign for that matter. Mars enjoys gaining traction and tackling a challenge, not an easy feat in Gemini. Gemini loves a multiplicity of options and remaining open to new ideas and information.

Combine the two, and you might be left wondering in which direction does the warrior wield his sword?

Already, there has been a tonne of collective manifestations of Mars in Gemini and malefic air energy in general with Saturn in Aquarius too. War on minds. Attack on data. Battle of ideologies.

What might you do now, to help safeguard yourself from mental fatigue or spreading yourself too thin over the next several months?

Here’s a few tips…

Take a Few Things Off Your Plate!

Mars in Gemini is a bit like stepping up to the buffet, especially when your eyes are bigger than your belly. By now, you could already be overwhelmed by the number of tasks at hand, decisions that need making or how much you need to get done.
Are they all really that urgent and important or even necessary? Can you cut back on the busy? Instead of taking more on, consider what you can delegate or delete. Doing your best to reduce distractions will help you get to the finish line accomplished, instead of burnt out.

Stop Scrolling!

A malefic spending an extended period in an air sign can be difficult for mental wellness. I’m probably one of the most chilled people I know, but lately, I can barely stand Instagram since they moved to video format. Bombarded with people shouting at you with sped up voice overs is a hideous experience. Let’s not even mention being subject to other people’s taste in music on those reels 😉

Bite size content rots your brain and reduces concentration. I saw a report years ago that we consume more information in a day than the majority of our ancestors experienced in a lifetime. That would have only increased since then.

Whether we’re conscious of it or not (big tech sure is) we are all addicted to some extent to the dopamine hit. When you’re scrolling, ask yourself, how do I feel in my body right now? Where is my focus in this moment? Is doing this moving the needle toward my most important goals?
Probably not.

So what to do? Consider culling (Mars) your social media (Gemini) follows. Does this account spark joy or does it spark anger, confusion or overwhelm? Cultivate your feed so it delivers you the experience you seek when you go online. Recognise when you’ve defaulted to scrolling as opposed to seeking out what you wanted to see, then put the phone down. Perhaps limiting the time you spend on social media would help too.
I’ve not had Facebook on my phone for two years. Life changing! Instagram is a beast I still wrestle with from time to time! Hey, I’m a sucker for a cat video!

Put Yourself To Bed Like a Baby

If you’re a parent, you know the importance of some kind of sleep routine for children. As adults, we don’t hold the same level of priority for our own bed time. Later in the evening might be the time we catch up on a show we enjoy, complete tasks around the home when the kids are in bed or generally enjoy some alone time. This is true even if you don’t have little humans in your home.

Then you finally get into bed and remember that YouTube video you wanted to watch, so you grab your phone. Then you watch another. Maybe you respond to an email or a DM. Then you’re awake, so what the hell, may as well watch another YouTube video. Then you might flick over to Instagram to watch a few stories. More than an hour has passed. Sound familiar?

Back in early 2021, I tried an experiment that I’m really keen to embrace again. I set myself a bed time! I had to be in bed by 9:15pm and lights out at 9:30pm. It was amazing! I slept better, got up earlier and was generally more productive with increased energy and clarity throughout the day. Since Mars went into Gemini, I don’t think I’ve got to bed before 11pm! My mother used to say that each hour of sleep before midnight was worth two. I tend to agree.

Get Back into Your Body

Throughout the duration of Mars in Gemini, fellow malefic Saturn is in Aquarius. That rhythm will change in March when Mars and Saturn enter Cancer and Pisces respectively. Until then, the malefic energy permeates the element of air, and the mind.

Mars retrograde at the best of times can be fatiguing. More often than not, it calls for double the effort and yields half the results. In an air sign, this can show up as worry, stress and anxiety. You may discover that thoughts circle your mind, taking up rent free space. I’m yet to solve a problem that was caused by worrying about it. Do you know what has helped me solve a problem? Not thinking about it! Yes, that’s right!

Instead, getting back into your body can help you feel your way toward a solution. How does this or that choice or action feel? It’s incredible just how much we are disconnected from our bodies. Spending time in nature, in the garden, at the beach or even physical exercise can do so much for the body, mind and spirit. It’s a healthy and productive means of distraction!

If you’re not one to meditate, this would be a good time to try it. Breathwork is a wonderful tool for working with the element of air. Even something as simple as three very deep and slow breaths can do wonders for your nervous system.

Other options worth exploring that can help distract you is knitting! I’m hopeless at it to be honest, but I know a lot of people who find it therapeutic. Knit one, pearl one, keeps the hands busy and soothes the mind. Not to mention something tangible as a result.

I, for one, anticipate blogging a whole lot more. The sound of my fingertips on the keyboard as thoughts flicker through my mind flowing through my fingers is something I built my career on. That time before the days of social media, algorithms and censorship, which at times, feels like nothing more than a digital high school popularity contest.

So for a while, at least, I’m going back to 2007 / 2008 when Mars was last retrograde in Gemini and Pluto wasn’t in Capricorn and social media wasn’t even a thing! I hope you’ll join me there!

What are your thoughts, ideas or plans while Mars is in Gemini?

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  1. Hi while Mars retros in my twelve.. I plan on finishing the Astro books I’m using to improve my astrology readings.. and not adding readings on. I’m still a baby and it feels right and it’s what will bring more and more comfort to giving readings. Especially after Mars turns direct. 🙏🤩

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